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Case Study: Sama Eyewear

An upgraded phone and internet helps Sama Eyewear run smoother in the office and around the world 

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The retail world moves fast, and employees need to be able to access critical information virtually anywhere and anytime. For Sama Eyewear, their antiquated private branch exchange (PBX) phone system wasn’t designed to keep up with this new way of working. On top of the high maintenance costs, employees couldn’t:

  • Transfer calls.
  • Identify who was using the phone line.
  • Easily reach owners traveling abroad with mobile phones

Adding to Sama’s technology issues, the company used a satellite dish for internet, which produced speeds slower than ISDN.

Since Business Development Manager Cyrus Khavari used to work at Ricoh, he knew we had the solutions and recommendations Sama needed to modernize their communications infrastructure.


“Ricoh worked very diligently to make sure that we understood the solution before we purchased it. They helped us navigate through our particular IT needs to come up with a personalized system that had only the bells and whistles we would use — nothing extra.” 

Cyrus Khavari
Business Development Manager
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To show the owners the value of an upgraded phone system, we created a roadmap that compared their current phone system and costs to a modern digital voice over internet phone (VoIP) telecom system.

This helped them understand our thinking and to show how invested we were in their success.

After some initial rewiring and IT infrastructure work, we eventually installed a hybrid on-premises, VoIP business phone system that consisted of:
Icon that represents Server Phone.

An on-site server and new phones in all locations.
Icon that represents Find Follow.

A Find Me/Follow Me function that displays the Sama office number on all outgoing calls made on site or remotely

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Heads Up Display (HUD) unified communications software so employees have traditional switchboard capabilities right from their computer.

We also coordinated and provided consulting services to overhaul their internet technology. After presenting various third-party solutions, they went with a cloud-based data service, and we worked with the provider to ensure a smooth transition.

About Sama Eyewear

With boutiques in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, CA, an online store and products sold in high-end optical shops in more than 40 countries, Sama Eyewear is one of the world’s finest and most exclusive fashion eyewear brands. A portion of the their profits help fund the Sam Vance Foundation, the company’s own nonprofit devoted to helping teens and young adults with drug use and recovery.



With their new VoIP system, they got more useful capabilities for the same price as their older, outdated setup. Right from their computer, the system allows employees to:


  • See where owners are in the world and can get hold of them right away.
  • See who is on the phone.
  • Transfer calls via drag and drop.
  • Leave and check voicemail.

As for their new cloud-based internet service, they now have the communication capabilities customers would expect from a company of their stature.