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Ricoh Maintenance Services

Take care of your investment.

Get the most from your Ricoh products with our Maintenance Services, which include best practices, trained and certified technicians, as well as industry leading response times.

Protect your investments and maximize uptime

The better you maintain your devices, the better they'll perform and the longer they'll last. One of the best ways to protect your investment in Ricoh products is with our 5,000 technicians.

After you submit a service request, you can expect a call back within one business hour. Whether your contract calls for 5x8 (five days a week, 8 hours a day) or 7x24 (seven days a week, 24 hours a day), our technicians will arrive in 4 business hours on average.

And, logistics for submitting service requests and meter reads plus handling other tasks are easy with options like RICOH @Remote monitoring and MyRicoh online support. 
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Schedule Services

Save time by scheduling and tracking service requests online with a MyRicoh account, which takes only seconds to set up.  My Ricoh provides the ability to place service requests 24/7/365, and if you choose, receive technical support over the phone provided by a trained technical expert, often providing solutions without the need for an on-site visit.

Count on our experienced, certified team

Support can be complicated because every company operates differently and no device is an island. But speed and accuracy are vital. We get it. Here's why you want our technicians on the job:

  • Rigorous training and certification on devices, security and networks. All technicians hold a variety of certifications, including A+, Network+ and Security+, depending on their job title and skill set. Some also hold additional certifications like CASP and MCSE/CCNA. And we comply with industry standards like CompTIA.
  • Best practices. Ricoh’s Total Quality Call (T.Q.C.) program is a systematic service delivery process that ensures consistent and efficient service delivery on every visit. T.Q.C. ensures complete device functionality by performing preventive maintenance and proactive parts replacement, ensuring maximum uptime.  From service request to problem resolution, we follow clearly defined processes. You get consistent service delivery ― with no surprises.
  • Escalation process. We're all in when it comes to solving tough issues. Our field technicians are backed up by our product developers, who can reach out to our experts in Japan, if needed. For Ricoh Production Print, our escalation process includes top management in the U.S. and is backed by our product experts, most of whom are also located in the U.S.
  • Commitment to exceptional customer service. Our Services Team Annual Recognition (STAR) program awards top-performing techs based on metrics such as response time and the ability to solve customer issues.
  • Vast knowledge base. Our technicians share information and insights so they can get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Take maintenance off your "worry list"

You can focus on your business because we focus on our products ― all of them, from projectors and whiteboards to multifunction, wide-format and production printers. Depending on the product you purchase and the terms of your contract, your Ricoh maintenance support falls into one of three tiers: 
Female office clerk looking at printed documents. Gold Includes parts, labor and supplies
Office clerks working on desktop computers and using printing equipment. Silver Includes labor, parts & toner excluding consumables like staples
Female employee in office using a laptop computer. Bronze Includes labor and parts

Streamline device management with support services that help maximize uptime and increase productivity.


"Service with a smile!...He fixed our machine in a timely manner, collaborating with a technician nearby. Please tell his manager that he should be commended!"

Customer in Higher Education


Arrange for special programs for your production printers

Your needs are unique ― so why should you be boxed into one-size-fits-all maintenance plans? With our Special Bids option, you can customize your maintenance services to meet your Ricoh Production Print requirements and budget. Plans include:

  • Standard Maintenance: You're charged a monthly base maintenance and usage rate, based on the number of feet you print, with unique terms and conditions that fit your printing environment.
  • Continuous Feed Maintenance: All continuous feed printers include 7x24 service, and billing options that include one monthly charge that covers base maintenance and usage.
  • Alternative Maintenance Options (AMO)*: Available only for the IP5000 printers, AMO trains you to purchase, install and maintain your printheads. You're billed one price for base maintenance and usage.
  • Hybrid Maintenance Option (HMO)*: You purchase the printheads, we provide the maintenance service, and you're billed one base price for maintenance and usage. Available for both IP5000 and VC60000.
  • Mutual Interest Maintenance (MIM): We train you to perform specific break / fix and preventative maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and your monthly billing. Available for the IP4000 and IP4100.


Think outside the box if you like

What's important to you is important to us, and that means keeping downtime down and uptime up. If our standard programs and tiers of service aren't quite right for you, let us know. We believe customer service is about you and what you need. We're happy to discuss custom maintenance and support services, such as after-hours / weekend support or other custom service-level agreements (SLAs).
*The AMO and HMO offerings are conditional upon your use of Ricoh-branded supplies, including ― but not limited to ― inks and printheads.
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