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Discover a new way to work

Ricoh's Digital Workplace Solutions combine the right services, expertise and technology to optimize the flow of information, so you can improve employee productivity, better serve your customers and grow your business.

What our customers say about working with Ricoh

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By working with Ricoh, we avoided what could have been a much more burdensome, drawn-out and costly eDiscovery process.”                                                                                

David Shuster Principal Kramon & Graham PA                                              

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Ricoh was the only company we talked to that was willing to consider taking over our printing and mailing operation. That really separated Ricoh from the pack.”

Dominic Cugini  Director & Senior Vice President            Payment & Deposit Operations KeyBank

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We have a history that's worth preserving and Ricoh is an essential part of that now.”                                                                                                                                                

Lorna Bourg Co-Founder, President & CEO Southern Mutual Help Association

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We were in the heart of the recession and funding was being pulled back. We needed innovative thinking to help us identify new revenue streams and reduce costs.”

Mike Nebesky Procurement Director Clemson University

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