Case Study: Global Insurance Company

A large insurance organization automates its processes to improve efficiency and cuts costs by 40%.

About our customer

“Ricoh’s Managed Services team implemented a full takeover of current processes without any interruptions to our business. With intelligent automation tools, we’ve been able to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.”

— Director of Business Operations



  • Intelligent document capture

  • Forms management

  • Document workflow

  • Records management

  • Mail services staff were realigned

  • Indexing

The Ricoh team prepared a multi-year roadmap detailing our insurance industry expertise, market insights and trends. Our solution included experts in advanced workflow, digital imaging, managed services analysis, global coordination, project management, and process improvement consulting.

Ricoh brought in their team of Managed Services to staff the mailroom as well as to use Ricoh’s Intelligent Delivery Service to automate inbound mail delivery into digital formats regardless of physical location and enable faster business decisions. Using a combination of on-site and off-site resources, staffing levels were right-sized by nearly 50%, cutting back on unnecessary overhead. As workloads fluctuate, a flexible team of 25 staff is available when demand increases. Intelligent document capture software modernized processes for classification, capture, validation and export. Now, remote and hybrid workers can use the solution for their document processing needs from any location.

Ricoh has also redesigned the antiquated check process — using the solution to capture more fields than just barcodes and legal information on the check. The comprehensive end-to-end implementation included managed services, intelligent capture, forms management, document workflow, records management, production print imaging, mail services and indexing.


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