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Intelligent Delivery

Convert physical inbound communication with managed services for anywhere, anytime digital delivery.

Leverage our patented Intelligent Delivery Services to streamline the intake and delivery of inbound communication, regardless of where employees are working. Our automated, digitized approach — easily accessible in our cloud Intelligent Business Platform — is designed to facilitate business continuity, advance digital transformation and enhance remote or shared workplace initiatives.

Deliver inbound communications fast, anywhere

Simple mail queue management

Drive operational efficiencies with actionable insights

Find the right Intelligent Delivery Services deployment model for your organization

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Intelligent Lockers

Get verifiable package delivery and asset protection with this innovative workspace solution.

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Records Management

Organize and better use business information and records from mixed-media formats.

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Case study: Mail Center Services

Discover how we helped one mail center reduce package retrieval time from 20 minutes to two.

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