Case Study: Mail Center Services

Students and staff happier with improved university mail services

About the customer

This prominent university is recognized internationally for its liberal arts college and professional schools, and is one of the Southeast's leading health care systems. It integrated Ricoh's Managed Services to simplify mail services and to streamline workflows for its nearly 50,000 students, faculty and employees.


One prominent Southeastern healthcare system and university was struggling with their mail centers and mail center services. Used by hundreds of people every day, the system in place was poorly run, inefficient, and time-consuming for students, faculty and staff. They expressed their discontent through complaints about:

  • Poor customer service

  • Lost packages

  • Labor-intensive processes

  • Long delays

  • Inattentive staff

  • Lines that often wrapped around the mail room centers at 11 location

The school formed a committee made up of administrators, faculty and students in order to choose a new vendor to manage the mail centers.


With our mix of tailored services and technical expertise, Ricoh stood out as the best choice for the project.

To overhaul the organization's existing mail center services, we implemented:

  • Onsite managed services — bringing in an additional 38 employees across the 11 locations to help resolve the issue of poor customer service and long delays.

  • Automated package pick-up kiosks so students could help themselves instead of relying on mail room staff.

  • Junk mail reduction solutions.

  • A TRAC web-based reporting solution that provided the university with real-time reports that document activity, delivery times and performance.



Our new solution led to remarkable improvements across all aspects of the university's mail services, including shorter lines at the mail centers.

According to estimates, the average package retrieval time has gone from 20+ minutes to under two minutes. Over 85,000 packages were delivered with a median wait time of only one minute and forty seconds. The process is also more reliable, with over 12,000 packages delivered in a month and not one lost.

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