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Capture & Conversion Services

Digital transformation services: More efficiency and less redundancy.

Business Process

Nearly all businesses, regardless of size or industry, are drowning in unstructured data and paper documents, with an inability to convert it all into useful, accessible and searchable information. Our Business Process Services manage the entire digitization and data processing function. Focus on your core business while we organize your digital content, scan and capture paper documents and deliver the real-time data needed for analytics and strategic decision making.


Unlock the value in your data

digital data

Reveal insights that could help move your business forward.

Successfully digitizing and managing information enables you to:

  • Increase productivity by eliminating time spent searching for or recreating information.
  • Implement new digital processes with minimal business disruptions.
  • Store data in-house, in the cloud or use a hybrid solution.
  • Deposit digitized data into a content management system (CMS) for anytime access to information.
  • Incorporate data into workflows and business processes within your CMS, CRM or other systems.
  • Collaborate more effectively with information that's organized, useful and easy to share.
  • Help ensure data is secured and provides tools to assist with governance and compliance.
  • Derive useful information from data analysis capabilities.

Help reduce overhead and operate efficiently

Operate efficiently

Digital processes help control costs and increase productivity.

Help reduce costs associated with capturing, managing and securing information with our Capture & Conversion Services.

  • Retrieve a specific document with a quick search avoid file cabinets and storage boxes.
  • Prevent downtime from paper files from being lost or damaged.
  • Keep data secured to avoid breaches.
  • Safeguard data in mandated formats for compliance.
  • Free up space and reduce on-site or off-site storage costs.
  • Choose the service that’s most cost effective for your needs: on-site digitization services, off-site at our document processing centers or a hybrid model.

Automate and manage processes

process meeting

Digital processes help control costs and increase productivity.

Our Capture & Conversion Services do more than scan your documents. Our intelligent document and data capture tools make sense of incoming information and automatically classify, sort, index, tag and extract data.

Beyond digitization, our services include designing and implementing strategies for functions like AP/AR processing, claims and records management to help meet your needs and requirements.


  • Improve visibility and align with a solid strategy.
  • Implement process changes with minimal interruption to your business.
  • Manage day-to-day processing and maximize operations to meet SLAs.

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