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Digital Process Automation

Replace paper with editable digital eforms. 

Practically all businesses must deal with forms of some sort — AP/AR, legal documents, tax forms, loan applications, claims processing, contract management, patient information. Relying on paper or non-editable PDF forms that must be printed create slowdowns that your business doesn’t have time for.

Our Digital Process Automation simplifies tasks and processes associated with your forms by converting paper to eforms, making digital forms fully editable, automating approval workflows, managing and securing forms information, incorporating forms into your enterprise content management system (ECM) and more. Avoid costs associated with pre-printed forms and improve efficiency. 

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Take forms management to the next level

Digitize your paper forms to reduce processing time and lost paperwork. 

With our Digital Process Automation, we can deliver the tools and services you need. Choose the level of support that best meets your needs. We can:

  • Scan and capture your paper forms either onsite, at one of our locations or a hybrid.

  • Deliver the scanning and OCR technology you need for forms scanning and capture.

  • Train your workers on how to use the software.

  • Provide ongoing support and Enterprise Forms Management as a service.

  • Unlock the value of data that was previously trapped in forms.

  • Reduce data entry errors and time spent correcting them.

  • Access screens that look exactly like familiar paper forms.

  • Convert existing digital forms so they can be filled in, auto-signed, edited, saved and shared.

  • Enable users to only complete fields once. Pre-populate information.

  • Speed approvals with automated review workflows and eSignatures.

  • Capture and move crucial forms into core business systems.

Reduce costs with effective eForms management

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Store, organize & access information

Enterprise Content Management helps improve efficiency, enhance collaboration and bring clarity to your data.

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Simplify forms processes

Relying on paper forms or non-editable digital forms create slowdowns that you don't have time for.

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