RICOH Auto Color Adjuster

Precise color matching without the time, expense and subjective judgment that goes with it

The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster will transform how your print business operates.

Turn the challenges and complexities of color management into a competitive advantage. With the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster, you can do just that. It's the color-matching solution so advanced, yet so easy to use, anyone in your organization can create ICC profiles in a matter of minutes, match color from pre-printed samples and run jobs across multiple systems with precise reproduction results. The best part? You achieve all of this and more without the assistance of a trained specialist. Speed production, say goodbye to costly reruns, and say hello to greater customer satisfaction. For full details on use, visit the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster information center.


  • Confidently reproduce colors from unknown sources, printed images and offset technologies to open your business up to more work.
  • Gain the freedom to run jobs at any time and increase your profit margins — with the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster, you remove the need to schedule color-critical jobs around an expert.
  • Harness the power of automation to easily check and verify color adjustments against compliance standards.

Get flawless, professional color-matching — across all your print systems

Matching color can take hours, sometimes days. The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster achieves the same results in minutes by automatically generating an ICC profile. This dramatically increases productivity and makes it easy to accommodate short-run repeat orders. Imagine a customer has a rush job for catalogs and insists it matches the first run, which may have printed offset or inkjet. With the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster, you’ll be able to match image tones directly from the sample and exceed their expectations.

Benefit from easy color adjustment

Achieving consistent quality across multiple systems can now be accomplished by any employee. The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster removes the risk of color variation, costly reprints and missed deadlines. Simply place the verification chart in the tray and Ricoh spectral color imagery technology quickly scans the entire page. An ICC profile is automatically generated and colors are adjusted for multiple printers. Confidently split runs across devices to meet customer deadlines.

Verify and manage against industry standards

Quickly check and verify color adjustments against compliance standards by scanning the verification chart from each device in your fleet. In the management view, operators can see how colors have changed over time, providing important quality control reporting. Maximize your printing power by centrally managing all devices across all sites, and perfectly matching color samples — even from unknown sources.

Expand into color-critical markets

Build your business and enhance relationships with surefire color and the expertise of Ricoh. The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster combines Ricoh's advanced optical and digital technologies to adjust colors automatically so you can satisfy the most critical eye. Whether it's a rush, short-run or complex color job, the Auto Color Adjuster delivers spot-on color with auto-calibration, giving you consistent quality at every time. Give your operators the tools they need to succeed. Give them the accuracy of the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster.