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Case Study: Real Estate

A real estate company used RICOH CloudStream to move their print infrastructure to the cloud for better efficiency, security and management.

About the customer

A full-service real estate brokerage company wanted to migrate their print infrastructure to the cloud for more simplified management and to help ensure business continuity in the event of disruption.

With RICOH CloudStream, the company is able to meet all their goals in modernizing and streamlining their print infrastructure to enable better efficiency, security and management.


  • High likelihood of business and service disruption due to severe weather conditions

  • Required a print infrastructure that can support both office-based, remote, and mobile employees

  • Reduce time spent on managing print infrastructure and set up for mobile employees

  • With print being a critical business function, the company needed an infrastructure that is secure, efficient, seamless, and easily accessible

Print is a critical business function for the company with 600 employees, comprised of real estate agents and staff, working across 10 office locations. The company’s 18 printing devices installed across the locations are used by office-based staff as well as the company’s independent agents, who use their own technology and visit several different offices each week. They needed to streamline their print management and deployment to ensure all employees have secured and easy access to print devices without needing IT support.

The company also wanted to transform their print infrastructure to be a part of a broader cloud-first strategy to minimize time spent on device management and maintenance. Due to their unique office location that is prone to drastic weather conditions, migrating their print infrastructure to the cloud would allow the company to ensure business continuity and protect data integrity in the event of service interruption.


  • Streamlined and automated the company’s entire print infrastructure with RICOH CloudStream

  • Reduced strain on IT resources by eliminating manual IT administrative tasks

  • Enabled end users to easily and securely connect to any print device, regardless of network and office location

To ensure the suitability of a cloud-based print platform for their business needs, the company used RICOH CloudStream on an initial trial basis.

Having experienced the agility and innovation RICOH CloudStream brings, the company fully adopted the cloud print solution to streamline their print infrastructure and eliminate manual IT administrative tasks for better efficiency.

RICOH CloudStream also provided an improved end user experience by enabling them to conveniently print from any device without having to worry about their office or network location.


  • Significantly improved data security, print efficiency, and accessibility

  • Reduced IT pain points with RICOH CloudStream’s single web-based interface — making it easy to deploy, monitor and manage the entire print infrastructure

  • Enhanced user experience with the platform’s location-aware functionality for secure, and seamless user access

  • Ensures business continuity in the event of disruption by eliminating onsite print servers

Since installing RICOH CloudStream, the company has been using it to manage their large volume of print output easily and securely. On a monthly basis, the company processes around 10,000 print jobs for its hundreds of employees and agents. Having a small IT department, the cloud-based print platform helped to minimize the strain on IT resources by streamlining and automating the management, maintenance and deployment of their print function.

RICOH CloudStream also enhanced the company’s data security with the added functionality of pull printing where print jobs are sent to a print queue. Prior to the documents being released for printing, employees would need to authenticate themselves using a PIN code at the printer. Now, sensitive documents such as offers and contracts are no longer left idle on printers where anyone can see them. The company also enjoys the benefit of mobile printing, allowing employees to print to any device location of their choosing securely and conveniently.

With RICOH CloudStream, the company is able to meet all their goals in modernizing and streamlining their print infrastructure to enable better efficiency, security and management.

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