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K-12 Education

Help your school district improve student outcomes, enhance classroom collaboration and promote better communication between parents and teachers.

Services & solutions


Services & solutions

  • Learning Innovation Services​

    Help raise your school district’s level of productivity and increase student engagement with innovative collaboration solutions.​

  • IT Services for Education

    Free up IT resources to help drive strategic learning initiatives and classroom innovation.                               

  • K-12 Managed Print Services

    Manage your district's copier and printer fleet to help enable digital transformation and safeguard information.                       

  • Student Records Digitization         

    Enhance student records management to streamline data processes, help mitigate data security risks and improve compliance procedures for meeting state regulations.                                               

  • Data Privacy & Cyber Security        

    Increase productivity and reduce costs by improving how you manage and protect your school district's sensitive information with document digitization, a centralized cloud environment and data security.

  • Administrative Services Optimization

    Enhance your school district's operations by implementing high-performance information systems, automating data processes and more.                                                                                                

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