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IT Services for Education

Empower IT to focus on strategic education initiatives and student outcomes


52% of school system technology leaders surveyed indicate that their IT departments spend most of their time solving technical issues as opposed to working in proactive mode.*

IT issues

Teachers need all the technical support they can get to help students reach their educational goals. But your IT staff’s expertise is too valuable to waste on fielding help desk calls or maintaining servers.

With RICOH IT Services for Education, you can empower your IT department to:


  • Free up resources by removing servers and migrating to the cloud.
  • Drive innovation with more time to focus on strategic learning initiatives.
  • Create a more collaborative learning community.
  • Enhance data security and streamline compliance processes.


Our consulting team can help you select, procure and deploy IT solutions that support these objectives and more.

Increase IT flexibility

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Allocate more resources to educational growth by moving to the cloud

Ricoh’s fully-managed IT services make it easy to remove servers and move network and print infrastructures to the cloud.** Leveraging the cloud to reduce physical infrastructure throughout your school district enables you to:

  • Reallocate space currently used for servers and data centers to provide additional classrooms, administrative offices and more.
  • Easily scale up your infrastructure to meet new growth with low-cost, month-to-month cloud solutions.
  • Gain access to the latest technology in the cloud without hardware or software costs.
  • Get disaster recovery protection that backs up important data that can still be accessed in the event of a security breach — our team can set up, configure and monitor all backups to help ensure they’re working properly.
  • Significantly reduce costs — including monthly expenses for powering servers, local infrastructure expenses and server-related capital expenses.

Our consulting team can tailor a Managed Cloud Services solution to your school district's unique needs or take over management of your equipment at your current location or in an enterprise-grade data center with our Data Center Services. We’ll also help to ensure a quick deployment and smooth transition that minimizes downtime, prevents loss of data and provides IT staff with everything they need to easily adapt to the new environment.

Drive strategic educational initiatives

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Enable IT to proactively support your district’s educational goals

By shifting the responsibilities of infrastructure maintenance and help-desk support to Ricoh, you can maximize device uptime so teachers and students can stay productive without pulling valuable time away from your IT department. This allows IT to focus on strategic learning initiatives, such as:

  • Migrating additional technologies to the cloud to free up more resources
  • Introducing applications that help streamline the learning environment
  • Integrating curriculum team solutions into your current infrastructure — Ricoh can support open educational resources (OER) that improve teaching, learning, assessing and researching processes without breaking your budget

Our consulting team can join your district’s management and IT departments in strategic conversations about these and other types of educational initiatives — helping you to determine what technological opportunities are available to keep your district ahead of the digital curve. Plus, we can host, support, help protect and control most classroom technologies 24/7/365 — including Microsoft® Office 365™, school industry apps, Chromebooks™, tablets and smartphones. Our team is here to help manage your strategic learning initiatives from beginning to end so you can deliver projects on time and within budget.

Create a more collaborative learning community

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Transition to a new and improved learning environment with ease

Whether you’re looking to bring in a new digital learning platform or other technology that helps to improve the learning experience and increase productivity, everyone involved needs to be able to jump in and use the new technology quickly, easily and efficiently. From introducing 1:1 computing to implementing solutions that improve document management and enhance data security, our consulting team can assess your current educational operations to evaluate your district’s specific needs. Ricoh can also help to roll out:

  • Student information systems (SIS) for improved student data management
  • Learning management systems (LMS) for streamlined delivery of course materials
  • A variety of workflow and information management solutions
  • Tech-assisted learning in all classrooms
  • Online and blended-learning solutions

After deploying new learning technologies, we onboard all stakeholders within your district, helping them to quickly learn, access and use your new systems in a secured environment that helps to protect data and documents. We also work to integrate your new technologies into your current infrastructure and provide mobile access to students, teachers, parents and administration staff so they can access your solutions from smartphones, tablets and laptops anytime, anywhere. This helps to create a more collaborative environment — from student teamwork on group assignments to parent-and-teacher collaboration on individual student goals.

Enhance data security

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Easily measure and manage your school district’s data

With increased mobility, collaborative tools and new digital learning environments in place, security and data management become growing concerns. Secured access to information in the cloud via smart devices is a necessity in order to help protect confidential information. Internet filtering is critical to helping school districts stay CIPA compliant. And districts need to be able to manage data in a proactive way to streamline FERPA and E-rate compliance procedures.

To help protect documents in your district’s print centers, we can provide out-of-the-box security features, including:

  • Secure Print Release
  • Passcode authentication
  • Device data encryption

We can also provide multi-factor authentication across applications, VPNs and endpoints to help further safeguard data and documents. Plus, we can help to ensure that your network and cloud infrastructures have the latest protection with automated security patch updates.

With File Analysis and other data management services, we can improve information governance to help organize unstructured content and reduce redundancies to minimize your exposure to compliance issues. Reducing data redundancies across your various content repositories improves accountability. When it comes to eDiscovery and other types of emergency investigative research, proactive file analysis can benefit your organization in a number of ways, providing:

  • Information sources for remediation
  • An audit trail of data ownership
  • More authentic, reliable content

One of our team’s top priorities is to improve data and document security and help you stay compliant with well-organized, easily accessible data, so you can rest easy.

* Paula Maylahn. "2017 K-12 IT Leadership Survey Report." CoSN, 2017.
** Ricoh cloud servers are fully-managed, public, virtual servers housed in secured data centers. We also work with public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services® and Microsoft® Azure.
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