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IT Management & Support Services

Enable your IT to power today's changing workforce

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The IT functions with the greatest potential for successfully reducing costs through outsourcing are help desk, desktop support, network operations, and data center operations.1


Your IT team is probably doing a lot of unnoticed work just to keep your IT infrastructure up and running. What if you could take those tasks off your IT team's plate and allow them to dedicate more time to strategic business initiatives?

Ricoh has services to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. Our IT Management Service & Support services provide regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Rather than burdening your IT team with managing your IT infrastructure themselves, IT outsourcing can provide benefits including:

  • The ability for IT to focus on new, strategic business opportunities
  • Reduce compliance risks and protection concerns as well as costs
  • Higher IT staff morale and retention when freed from late night server maintenance
  • Increase business continuity and productivity
  • Help respond to changing business conditions
  • Bring products and services to market faster providing a competitive advantage

Help your IT team take a more integral role in your business strategy by shifting the larger and often tedious tasks off to a professional managed IT services provider while you and your teams stay focused on growing your business.


Server, storage and network management: Stay up and running


Holistically manage your back office IT systems.

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Businesses today run on data, and if that data is not stored on properly maintained equipment, it could bring your business to a halt.

mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, provides a proactive approach to holistically manage your back office IT systems like servers, storage and networking. Our network management services ensure that they are patched, updated, and protected to avoid downtime and unexpected outages.

We manage, maintain and support any portion of your information technology infrastructure, or the entire IT function. Services can cover your desktop PC’s, laptops, servers, handhelds, security, networks, remote access, storage, data backup, business continuity and more.

We'll work with you to create a plan to provide these services whether your equipment is at your location, hosted in our secured enterprise-grade data centers, or in a hybrid of both. We also offer hosted solutions in the cloud, so you can avoid capital-intensive equipment purchases while leveraging enterprise class infrastructure on an as-needed basis.

With a fleet of geographically dispersed data centers, management and maintenance of 13,000+ servers and devices and 2.2 PB of storage, we are ready to tackle all of your storage and server needs.

Our focus is on keeping you up and running. We proactively manage your environment to prevent problems and quickly resolve them when they do occur, providing personal attention and giving you answers to questions that make you more productive. We'll help you discover these and other benefits through an IT management partnership.

  • Around the clock monitoring, management and problem resolution
  • Offsite server backup and recovery
  • Anti-spam & anti-virus/malware software, proactively managed 24/7
  • Emergency on-site dispatch included
  • Operating system and device update management
  • Firewall management
  • 24/7 help desk located in North America

Identity access management: Get a well-managed active directory


Prevent network sprawl with monitoring and management.

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With more and more businesses moving towards remote employees and utilizing mobile technology, you need to ensure your workers are connected no matter where they are. By establishing a reliable mobile workforce strategy you can help increase productivity, grow sales or membership, and improve customer retention and satisfaction.

However, with an increase in mobile workers comes new security, privacy and usage challenges. Instead of adding to your IT team's existing full plate or sending your budget through the roof with mobile IT applications and security packages, unload the burden of remote connectivity with a partner with the right experience, tools, and resources to help your workers stay productive from wherever they find themselves.

Give your employees access to the data they need to get the job done from wherever they’re working while securely locking down the data they don’t need.

Our identity access management approach includes multi-factor authentication across applications, VPNs, and endpoints. It also includes single-sign-on that provides one-click access to both cloud and on-premises apps, eliminating password sprawl and the management of your identity access directory to ensure approved users and devices are able to connect and communicate safely and securely on the network.


Virtual desktops: Easily access your applications


And make working from anywhere a possibility.

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In addition to a well managed mobile workforce strategy and identity access, many companies today are turning toward virtual desktops to keep up with the needs of the modern office.

As with any computing environment, how virtual desktops is planned, installed and managed is critical to the success of the application. Ricoh can offer your business the opportunity to partner with specific experience delivering virtual desktops and can help implement the specific requirements virtual desktops demands when it comes to storage, networking and user management.

We can help you use virtual desktops to its full potential with correct implementation and management.

Give your employees the resources to be more agile and productive in any business situation with the resources they need at their fingertips. Benefits of virtual desktops include:

Employees can take advantage of BYOD (bring your own device) and securely access their virtual desktops from a smartphone, iPad, laptop or home computer.

Your data never leaves the security of the data center. If a device is compromised or lost, the system admin can simply suspend the account and the data remains secured in the data center.

Power outages and hardware issues no longer put a stop to productivity, end users can simply log in from home, a secondary office site, or even the coffee shop down the street.

Deploy computing needs and resources exactly when they are needed to quickly react to changes in the market and spikes in one department or another.

Make upgrades to devices on the fly with a virtual desktop environment. Changing hard drive, CPU or RAM can be done easily and require little more than a reboot for end users.


RICOH Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Service: Get full IT stack protection


Know about system failures — before they're a problem.

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Unplanned outages can be costly to your business, both in terms of operating costs and the bottom line. Let us help you alleviate that stress by monitoring and maintaining your systems with RICOH Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Service (RAIMMS). With RAIMMS you can proactively manage your infrastructure with real time alerts, leverage 24/7 monitoring and support, receive daily offsite server back up and more. Plus, RAIMMS is available to you at a predetermined, fixed cost so you'll always know what to factor into your IT budget without any hidden costs or surprises.

Find IT peace of mind

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