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Server and network management

Focus on your business goals. We’ll take care of the rest.

24/7/365 network support and server monitoring for organizations of any size

It starts with around-the-clock support and monitoring. Should an issue occur, a friendly voice answers your call.

Our server and network management services feature: 

  • Management of networked devices such as printers and routers

  • Server resource and application management

  • Backups

  • Deployment

  • Inventory

  • System testing and updates

Together with industry-leading technology, high-security data centers, and 24/7/365 live support, you have a scalable network to support your businesses needs today and remain flexible when your needs change tomorrow.  

Are you in IT and looking for help? 

Our team can take on the heavy lifting of those mundane and often menial tasks to free you to focus on strategy.

Simplified network device management

Firewalls. Routers. Switches. Printers. A host of devices beyond the server reside on your network.

We work with you and your vendors to ensure a streamlined and fully functional environment. We’ve seen hardware utilization increases up to 10x on managed networks, which translates into greater productivity for you and your team.

We also manage the inventory, vendor support contracts, lifecycle, and applications needed to run your business infrastructure. You get to focus on doing business.

IT technicians

Network monitoring

What’s better than a live voice when you have a network problem? Not having the problem in the first place.

Our 24/7 proactive monitoring of your network, server, and network devices aims to eliminate problems and keep you up and running seamlessly. In many cases, we resolve issues before you even know there was an issue. Should you have an onsite issue, we might be calling you first to begin immediate troubleshooting.

server technician

Server management

Server refreshes can be a major headache. They can be costly too. By leveraging today’s virtual server technology and hosted servers, we can cut the time, costs, and resources that come with maintaining servers at your own location.

Virtual server environments also make recovery almost instantaneous. No need to wait for support professional to dial-in or arrive onsite. With the flip of a switch, you keep working while we address the problem. You also never have to wait for (or pay for) new server hardware.

Our server management includes infrastructure design, setup, deployment, monitoring, and optimization.

server monitoring

Server application management

End the fire drills that occur when a license expires and crashes an application. From installation to inventory, we maintain, update, and manage licensing for all the apps that keep your business going. Have a business-specific program? No problem. Our team will take the time to understand and work with your vendor, as needed, to ensure you have the tools you need, when you need them.

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Backup and disaster recovery

Systems go down. Data loss happens, often by accident. Stuff happens. Offsite and redundant data backup and a well-defined disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between recovering and getting back to work in minutes rather than days – or even weeks. Our secure and decentralized data centers ensure your backup. Our team works with you to:

  • Create, optimize, and test your disaster recovery plan

  • Set your backup frequency for the best system performance

  • Safeguard your network – and your business – against unexpected disruptions

  • Enjoy fully redundant enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining your own

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Have other additional network or server needs?

Every organization has its own unique networking and server needs, especially for ERPs, CRMs, and line of business applications. We understand.

Our network and server management can help address your specific needs. For example, we offer services to support IBM i Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries and System i. Learn more about our IBM i Power System support.

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