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Remote work is here to stay. How prepared are you? 

Watch our on-demand webinar: “Ricoh and Microsoft: Redefining the New World of Work”

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How Ricoh and Microsoft help empower today's workforce

How we work and where we work has changed. Many employees are returning to the office, yet for many others remote work is here to stay. Businesses must adapt to this new dynamic.

To help make this change, Microsoft and Ricoh recently hosted a webinar titled “How Microsoft and Ricoh are Redefining the New World of Work”. Now, you can watch it On-Demand and learn how a cloud-based infrastructure can facilitate seamless connectivity in and out of the office while safeguarding employees from security threats.

In this webinar, you’ll also see:

  • Survey results from fortune 500 CEOs on when they expect to return to the office
  • How conditional access and identity access play a key role in enabling secured remote access
  • 6 easy ways you can protect remote workers right away with Microsoft 365
  • AI features in Microsoft Teams that improve communication and collaboration
  • How Ricoh leaned on Microsoft 365 to maintain continuity throughout recent office closings
  • Ways Ricoh can help you get started with Microsoft 365 or get the most out of your existing investment

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