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Business continuity and your remote workforce

A DocuWare webinar series on how to be agile and stay productive

Our workplace has changed dramatically

 See how businesses are supporting productivity, remote workers’ needs, and keeping their data secured in this free on-demand webinar series presented by DocuWare. Want more information about DocuWare for your business?  
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Ensure continuity of mail delivery with digital mailrooms

In this webinar, find out how a digital mailroom delivers your mail safely, securely, and fast, while maintaining compliance, keeping data secured, and managing the potential technical limitations of distributed and remote workers.

Support remote employees with a secured cloud document solution

Watch how DocuWare Cloud unites employees wherever they work through automated workflows and virtual file cabinets secured by rights access via laptop, home computer, smartphone, or mobile device.
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More accessible + more organized = more productive

See how you can support business productivity with DocuWare Cloud and its centralized and structured file management your employees can connect with through any browser.

Simplify email archiving and management with automation

Discover how to store, organize, find, and manage email and attachments fast with DocuWare Connect to Outlook and Connect to Mail (for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail).
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Build one-minute digital workflows

Learn how simple it is to save time and reduce manual tasks with ad-hoc workflows in DocuWare as your route documents for approvals, manage task lists, and recreate manual processes digitally.

A look at how DocuWare stores documents with easy, secured access

With DocuWare, you can search vertically and horizontally for documents, store securely from multiple sources including direct from Microsoft Office®, and automate new folder creation – all with fewer clicks.
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The importance of e-signatures in a changing business landscape

Watch this webinar to see how e-signatures support business operations and remote and mobile workforces with authenticated, time-stamped and legally accepted signatures on digital documents.

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