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Webinar: Containing Ransomware Outbreaks

Learn about the new strategy Infosec Leaders are deploying to prevent damaging ransomware attacks.

OnDemand Webinar

Learn the strategy that stops ransomware attacks.

Ransomware has evolved. 

Today, ransomware outbreaks are enterprise-level malware events. They hold computers and data files hostage, rapidly lock down entire systems, and bring business to a screeching halt for days or even months.

Most Infosec leaders agree, it’s no longer a matter of “if” a business will experience a ransomware outbreak – it’s when.

This reality has led Infosec leaders to adopt a new “sprinkler system” approach to preventing and containing ransomware outbreaks, minimizing the damage.

You can learn more about this new strategy in our upcoming webinar, “Containing Ransomware Outbreaks.” You’ll also hear:

  • Why high-profile ransomware attacks continue to grow in number.
  • The way to evaluate the cost of downtime due to ransomware.
  • How protecting against ransomware is a lot like fire prevention.
  • Why endpoint protection is no longer enough.
  • What happens when ransomware gets in, and how you can stop it cold.

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