Cyber security best practices

Webinar: Cyber Security Best Practices for the New World of Work 

Get ahead of the cybersecurity threat

On Demand Webinar

Duration:  30 minutes

Cyber threats have increased as IT infrastructure and policy changed so quickly. Configuration errors, home networks, managing personal devices, increased phishing attacks and the rising load placed on aging IT systems has created numerous vulnerabilities, leaving many organizations struggling to find the proper response.


To reduce your exposure and risk to these cyber threats, you need awareness, detection, and preventative measures.

In this web event, we discuss how to achieve this. We will also:

  • Introduce best practices to protect your business against cyber threats, in the office and in the home office
  • Explore the relationship between fear and uncertainty in the increasing numbers of cyber events
  • Share 2 high profile cyber threats impacting organizations of every size
  • Offer 5 ways to improve your cyber security posture

We hope you can join this important presentation. We remain committed to working with you to protect you and your business by staying one step ahead of these cyber threats.  We invite you to check out the rest of our webinar series.


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