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Communication services for business offices

Empower employees and work anywhere with seamless collaboration tools and communication services.

Connect across long distances – like you were in the office together

Do you need to support remote workers, multiple offices, home offices, employees at job sites, or those who travel? While technology powers dispersed workforces like these, getting everyone together to collaborate can be a challenge. Our communication tools and collaboration solutions connect your team and customers wherever you find yourself. And our communication experts will work with you and your team to custom design, build, and implement solutions to keep everyone connected and productive.

Get a full-managed business email solution without a large investment.

Managed email boosts business productivity. Employees and executives get all the email features they need. And you free your IT team from menial tasks like patches, updates, and license management.

Our email management services take care of your day-to-day tasks. Whether you benefit from Hosted Exchange or Microsoft 365 email services, we do the work for you:

  • Setting up user email accounts

  • Configuring updates and patches

  • Answering user questions

  • Resolving issues and outages

  • Keeping backend systems running

You’ll also eliminate the time and costs that go into hardware, software, implementation, security, infrastructure adjustments, and system maintenance for locally hosted email services.

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Need added security for your email?

We support configuration for add-ons such as email archiving to align with compliance regulations in certain industries.

Or, take advantage of encryption services. Both administrators and end users can tag outbound email for encryption at the email gateway when they send it.

You can send encrypted emails from your desktop email client, webmail, or mobile device. For enhanced protection, set automatic encryption policies based on the content of the message, including designated keywords and attachment formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.

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Talk live anywhere with managed VoIP phone services

Never miss a call in the office, home office, or on the road with managed phone services.

Sometimes you just need to make a call. Managed VoIP services are the 21st-century telecom solution that eliminates the need for costly infrastructure. Your customers, clients, and colleagues can reach you and your team – even when you’re not at your desk.

  • Simultaneous ringing to a user’s desk phone and mobile phone and call-forwarding ensures those important calls reach you whether you’re in the office, at the home office, or on the road.

  • Advanced PBX features allow for rerouting of calls to available team members.

  • Network outage? Calls can be delivered to mobile devices, home phones, or other designated devices.

With our VoIP solutions, just plug a new phone in and you’re up and ready to go. Plus, you can combine phone, network, and security services into a single, right-sized package, meaning businesses of any size can enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level systems for a right-sized investment.

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Collaborate remotely with text & video chat services

Connect your video, chat and file system and watch productivity skyrocket.

Find answers quick, schedule audio and video conferences spontaneously, and enhance team meetings and presentations with text and video chat. Real-time collaboration becomes a daily reality. Communication becomes more meaningful.

Our text and video chat services improve efficiency as you:

  • Send and receive messages in real-time.

  • Keep track of conversations for easier recording and reminders.

  • Schedule impromptu meetings with just one click.

  • Share ideas, sketch drawings and write plans that everyone can see on a Ricoh virtual whiteboard with advanced communication software.

  • Control the presentation as the presenter, pass the camera and mic off to a colleague, or automatically show the person who's talking.

Work together even when you’re far apart. We put enhanced collaboration at your fingertips.

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Power your productivity with Microsoft 365™

Use Microsoft’s full Office Suite with no long-term commitment.

How and where we work may have changed, but Word, Excel and PowerPoint remain the cornerstones of business productivity. Today, Microsoft 365™ and its software as a service model make these robust productivity tools even more available to businesses of every size.

When combined with our managed IT services, Microsoft 365™:

  • Protects all of your email data in secure data centers.

  • Prevents lost productivity as files get saved, secured and protected online automatically.

  • Improves collaboration as you edit, save, and share documents with your team, anywhere in the world.

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Ensure uptime with network and server management

Keep teams productive with scalable communication management services with 24/7/365 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

You depend on your network. It connects you to your team, your data, and your documents. It keeps your business information secure and accessible. You simply cannot afford for it to go down. Our hosted network and server management services keep you up and connected. From monitoring to event tracking to backups and more, your IT staff and executive team can always rest easy knowing your data is protected and available – wherever you work.

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