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File Analysis Services

Gain control of your unstructured content to stay compliant, mitigate risk, and drive efficiency

In our work with clients, we find between 30 to 50 thousand content objects per employee spread across multiple repositories.

Few companies have the time, personnel, and resources to do the work needed to eliminate these redundancies, ensure secured data, and create efficient file access and storage. Fortunately, with our File Analysis Services, they don’t have to. Our expert analysts and leading eDiscovery technology get the work done on-time and on-budget.

These solutions help to ensure data security, lifecycle management, data access governance, mapping, and classification while enabling key data insights and analysis that drive and protect the business.

Protect your information and meet data privacy compliance

A file analysis solution makes the right content available to the right people at the right time. As a result, your information remains secured even as you respond quickly to customer requests. Access controls also improve consumer, public, and employee data to keep you in compliance with rule likes GDPR (Europe), CCPA (CA), KVKK (Turkey), PIPEDA (Canada), and POPIA (South Africa).

Our services also include data privacy preparedness planning which applies rules to ensure appropriate access levels and handling of sensitive data handling.  

You’ll find it easier to meet your regulatory, legal, and internal compliance goals with:

  • Meta data governance

  • Legal holds

  • Quarantine

Mitigate risk and its potential costs with content controls

File analysis begins with a content audit guided by your goals, directed by our experts, and driven by our advanced information governance software.

  • In this first step, we detect, analyze, index, search, track, and report on the unstructured file metadata and content.

  • Next, we manage the flow of information, process PII, PCI, PHI, and IP, optimizing the handling of this sensitive information to maximize its security.

  • Finally, data and content are organized so that only highly valuable data actively used by the business remains, secured by a “manage-in-place” model we deploy to minimize disruption for business users. We also help you apply data lifecycle policies.

Our service further reduces risk with:

  • Identity protection

  • Metadata reporting

  • Identity access rights

  • Data-centric access protection

  • Policy controls

  • Audit trails

Additional protections such as endpoint data encryption and remediation tools ensure proper controls remain in place while data is in use, preventing users from moving or deleting content contrary to its business purpose.

Data optimization increases operational efficiency

Data mapping locates and identifies unstructured “dark data” – the redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data that takes up space and obscures access to your highly valuable data.

Our analysis includes deleting this data to free storage space, boost employee productivity, and reduce costs by reducing the amount of data stored. Less data translates into lower storage, backup, software and hardware, and personnel costs.

Extract valuable business intelligence from unstructured data

Your unstructured data contains a wealth of valuable information. Critical insight can include the data in the documents or add context to business activities, painting a picture of how data moves and is handled within your organization.

Analytics tools typically assemble data from multiple sources before reporting. Some tools integrate with other analytics tools to further analyze data to identify anomalies in document or data use.

The business intelligence gained from these efforts can create positive impact and opportunities for the business or identify complex risk scenarios.

If our File Analysis Services sound like they might be right for you, contact us.

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