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GreenLine Series

Remanufactured multi-function printers

GreenLine remanufactured multifunction printers

Our GreenLine Series reflects our commitment to more efficient, eco-friendly product lifecycles that minimize environmental impact. 


GreenLine Series devices must have proven track records and low meter readings. The remanufacturing process follows strict ISO 9001:2008 requirements with devices being certified, tested and updated with the latest software and firmware versions before they are made available with a like-new appearance.


In addition to being eco-friendly and supporting your business’s sustainability initiatives, the GreenLine Series delivers a host of benefits. Priced significantly lower than new models, these remanufactured devices help you:

  • Reduce acquisition and production costs, without sacrificing quality and reliability.
  • Save on costs upgrading workgroup printers to multifunction devices.
  • Build budget-friendly mixed fleets that meet user need.

You can expect the same level of support for GreenLine products as you would for new products. And GreenLine products come pre-configured so that you can quickly deploy them where they are needed most. 


How does the GreenLine remanufacturing process work?

  • Disassembled and Cleaned - GreenLine Remanufactured Products

    Disassembled and Cleaned

    Selected MFPs are disassembled down to their frames, cleaned and inspected. Circuit boards, power& supplies, and other parts are tested and repaired or replaced. Panels and casings are refinished and firmware is updated to the latest versions.
  • Rebuilt and Retested - GreenLine Remanufactured Products

    Rebuilt and Retested

    MFPs are reassembled, including a detailed chassis cleaning and mounting of refinished panels. Rigorous testing by Ricoh checks all paper sources and special features during multiple test runs. Final testing is performed by independent inspectors.
  • Quality Controlled - GreenLine Remanufactured Products

    Quality Controlled

    Rebuilt devices undergo a thorough final inspection, including detailed visual inspection, extensive test runs, and shock hazard testing in a factory certified to ISO14001:2015 environmental management. During final inspection, image quality is verified and samples are retained per our ISO9001:2015 quality management.

    *if applicable
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