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Student Records Digitization

Store, access and share student records more efficiently and securely.

"K-12 education CIOs see using technology to improve education and student success as their highest priority."¹

With the proliferation of smart devices and other technologies, we're seeing an accelerated shift in the way administration staff and faculty members process student records. Districts that still manage paper files or decentralized digital information are less efficient and in need of a digital transformation in the near future, or else they stand to be left behind. Ricoh's Student Records Digitization services and solutions can simplify the shift to digitized records management — empowering your district to streamline retention requirement processes, easily integrate student records with student information systems (SIS) and help protect student data.

Make processing retention records easier

Ease the burden on your staff by enhancing student records management.

Managing retention records to help stay compliant with state regulations can be a nightmare when historical student records are stored on paper, microfilm or microfiche. And without an efficient way to import active student records into a centralized repository, records management becomes an even bigger burden — digital information dispersed across multiple locations can lead to redundancies, making it difficult to locate the data you need.

Ricoh's education consulting team can help you streamline data processes by converting student records from paper to digital files and keeping this information in a centralized repository with a user-friendly, searchable index. This can result in a more precise retention schedule and help to improve your records management policy by enabling your staff to:

  • Expedite compliance with state regulations by quickly producing reports that document how, when and where student records were accessed.

  • Reduce errors that result from incomplete or misplaced records.

  • Back up retention records to reduce the risk of lost information.

Streamlining student records management can also help your district to secure important funding. For example, when special needs students show improvement throughout the year, keeping track of the documentation that contains their progress and sharing it with the state when applying for special ed grants and other necessary resources can be taken care of quickly with easy access to the information.

Centralize all student data

Integrate student records with student information systems to streamline processes.

To fully optimize data processes throughout your school district, you need to connect the entire student journey — from enrollment through graduation. To do this, district employees should have access to historical student information, active student records and SIS data all in one, centralized location.

We can help to centralize your student data in a couple of ways, depending on your school district's specific needs, by:

  • Integrating our centralized solution with your SIS solution — enabling them to directly communicate with one another

  • Setting up a staging area where your data resides — allowing all systems to tap into, work with and retrieve this information electronically

Once our team has designed and implemented the ideal content management strategy for your unique school district, we can also provide parents and students with permissions to query, download and upload information they need, such as transcripts for applications on university websites.

Lower costs with improved records management

Get more control over student records and help mitigate data security risks.

With an easily accessible student portal, we can provide a window into your centralized data from anywhere at any time via laptops, tablets and smart phones — offering the convenience of mobility to faculty, staff, students and parents who need to access important information on the go.

To help protect this information, users are required to log in with passcodes before they can enter the portal. This makes it easy to regulate information on a per-user basis — giving you complete control over the type of data each user can access. Passcode authentication also records who is viewing or modifying specific information at specific times. This added visibility provides extra protection and makes it easier to track down the most current information when you need it.

With precise auditing capabilities, you can improve the accuracy of your student records and reduce the possibility of filing inaccurate or incomplete retention schedules to help avoid compliance-related fines. Plus, with tightly controlled access to student records combined with the variety of security protocols we put into place to help protect your information, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we can help keep cyber threats that compromise data and introduce unforeseen costs at bay — even when users access information remotely.

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