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Healthcare systems face continued pressure today. Vital data must be communicated and managed for use by patients and providers. The added needs of remote workers only add to the challenge. RICOH can help address the daily challenges of inaccessible data, manual processes, and inefficiencies to positively impact patient care, health outcomes, staff satisfaction, and your bottom line.
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Intelligent Business PlatformSM Services

Ricoh's Intelligent Business Platform is an ecosystem of cloud-based services that converts data into highly valuable insights, workflows and documents.



Healthcare digital transformation: six areas of focus

Our healthcare industry solutions can have an impact across your healthcare system. Learn more about how we can help you achieve a key goal: taking care of people while taking care of the bottom line.
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Services & solutions


Services & solutions

  • Clinical Photography Workflow

    Help protect patient health information and enhance patient care.

  • Patient Information Management Services

    With our Patient Information Management Services, you'll speed claims and payments and enable your onsite and remote workforce.

  • Ricoh 3D for Healthcare

    Ricoh 3D for Healthcare provides a turnkey end-to-end solution for creating 3D printed anatomic models for educational use.

  • Plain Paper Prescription Printing

    Apply CMS-compliant security features using regular paper and your own printers.

  • Ricoh Healthcare Direct Services

    Transform patient care with timely information and interoperability.


    This brain scanner diagnostic tool measures deep into the brain to help neurological research and discovery.

  • Administrative & Revenue Management

    Automate processes for many critical aspects of the revenue cycle and patient encounters.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

    Quickly access accurate, up-to-date details about your IP-enabled assets.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Digitize and organize your data and business processes.

  • Enterprise Output Management

    Lower your IT costs and help improve security.

  • Fax Management

    Organize faxes more securely and share information quickly.

  • Forms Management

    Replace your paper with electronic forms and digital workflows.

  • Order Management

    Eliminate your dependence on paper, and process orders faster and more accurately.

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  • Scanning Solutions

    Digitize patient records and business documents.

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