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Don't fall behind in the ever-expanding field of healthcare. Let us help your organization streamline workflows, secure information and improve patient care. 
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Accessible data empowers exceptional care

It's time to walk the talk of data sharing in Healthcare

Services & solutions


Services & solutions

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Digitize and organize your data and business processes.                     

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  • Order Management

    Eliminate your dependence on paper, and process orders fast and accurately.   

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  • Clinical Photography Workflow

    Help protect patient health information (PHI) and enhance patient care. 

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  • Forms Management

    Replace your paper with electronic forms and digital workflows.                              

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  • Enterprise Output Management

    Lower your IT costs and help improve security.                                                   

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  • Plain Paper Prescription Printing

    Apply CMS-compliant security features using regular paper and your own printers.

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  • Asset Lifecycle Management

    Quickly access accurate, up-to-date details about your IP-enabled assets.

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  • Fax Management

    Organize faxes more securely and share information quickly.

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  • Scanning Solutions

    Digitize patient records and business documents. 

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  • Administrative & Revenue Management

    Automate processes for many critical aspects of the revenue cycle and patient encounters.

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    This powerful diagnostic tool measures deep into the brain to help neurological research and discovery.

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