3D printed spine

Care innovation & enablement

Drive improvements in care experiences for all

Every encounter — with providers, insurers, care teams, and patients — can help or hinder health and medical decisions, which is why we work relentlessly to improve the care experience. From creating precise 3D anatomic models, to enabling remote patient monitoring programs, and everything in between, we’re dedicated to finding the hardest-working ways to transform the patient and healthcare worker experience.

Elevate the way care is experienced

Improve patient experience with 3D medical modeling

Create 3D medical models faster and without a large capital investment.

3D printed heart

RPM Enablement

Support staff with a turnkey, managed remote patient monitoring services that improves clinician and patient experiences.

woman meeting with her doctor remotely on her laptop while checking her blood pressure

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World-Renowned University Medical Center
World-Renowned University Medical CenterCase Studies

World-Renowned University Medical Center

How automating patient packet workflow reduced privacy compliance risks and created significant savings.

University Hospital Department
University Hospital DepartmentCase Studies

University Hospital Department

Digitizing the transmission of secured patient health information improves referrals, prescription fulfillment, and compliance.

Major Medical Center
Major Medical CenterCase Studies

Major Medical Center

How automating a major medical center’s insurance correspondence process sped resolution and increased revenue.