Packet & Letter Automation

Improve the patient experience while increasing compliance through healthcare document automation.

Reduce annual healthcare administrative costs 42% by transitioning to electronic transactions.

- 2020 CAQH Index, March 2021

Manually assembling patient packets and letters is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that can lead to compliance violations, costly mistakes, and an inconsistent brand experience. Introducing Packet & Letter Automation from Ricoh, which enables healthcare facilities to improve security, reporting, auditing, and tracking.

Brochure: Packet & Letter Automation

Minimize administrative burdens so staff can focus on patient care

Streamline the creation of customized packets

Educate patients with personalized, up-to-date information

Ricoh automates patient packet workflow for world-renowned medical center

See how we helped reduce privacy compliance risks, improve efficiency, and enhance the patient experience.

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Increase efficiency while managing costs

6 ways healthcare organizations can create measurable results and improve the customer and employee experience.

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