Packet & Letter Automation

Improve the patient experience while increasing compliance through healthcare document automation.

Reduce annual healthcare administrative costs 42% by transitioning to electronic transactions.

- 2020 CAQH Index, March 2021

Manually assembling patient packets and letters is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that can lead to compliance violations, costly mistakes, and an inconsistent brand experience. Introducing Packet & Letter Automation from Ricoh, which enables healthcare facilities to improve security, reporting, auditing, and tracking.

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Minimize administrative burdens so staff can focus on patient care

Packet & Letter Automation saves time for clinicians while educating and providing personalized, up-to-date information for patients. Information is automatically gathered from multiple sources and seamlessly delivered to patients digitally or as hard copies, including:

  • Medical history questionnaires

  • Patient rights and privacy policies

  • Personalized welcome letters with appointment details

  • Helpful tips like directions and parking instructions

Streamline the creation of customized packets

  • Create a better patient experience. Present personalized and branded packets in a timely matter, so patients are prepared and come to their visits educated on what to expect.

  • Strengthen security and compliance. Create audit trails that enable tracking and tracing, and prevent PHI leaks to the wrong patient.

  • Improve staff productivity and scheduling loads. Reduce backlogs and increase appointments by automating the scheduling, printing, and mailing of packets. Eliminate manual collation and random compliance inspections through barcode-driven workflows.

  • Enhance branding and reputation. Ensure all patient-facing communications meet corporate branding guidelines and reduce lead times for messaging changes or new documents from months to days. Easily incorporate marketing materials announcing new services, doctors, and locations.

  • Optimize printing and mailing expenses. Save thousands every year printing packet content on demand. Leverage digital intelligence to prevent printing packets that won’t arrive in time, and automatically monitor chargeback expenses by department.

Educate patients with personalized, up-to-date information

Studies show that education promotes patient compliance, satisfaction with care, healthy lifestyles, and self-care skills.¹ Armed with a strong understanding of disease or illness, patients have a higher chance of experiencing a positive outcome.²

Packet & Letter Automation efficiently provides patients with the information they need to focus on recovery — regardless of how short-staffed an organization may be.

Ricoh automates patient packet workflow for world-renowned medical center

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