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Patient Information Management Services

An end-to-end solution that streamlines processing of patient records, correspondence, and billing.

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Unlock your patient information. Our evolving workplace together with manual processes, paper-based data, and multiple data siloes put immense pressure on profitability and data security. Our Patient Information Management Solution brings this information together to speed claims processing, protect your bottom-line, and improve the patient experience.

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Reduce your backlog to 2 days

By removing common bottlenecks and disconnects in the flow of patient information, your productivity will soar. Our solution helps you achieve this in three basic steps:

1. Centralized digitization of documents, reducing local scanning by 90%.

2. Workflows index, route, and move documents through a 95% automated process.

3. Linking your EHR and ECM with HL7 integration, for frictionless data flow and increased transparency.

Automation can eliminate an estimated 33% of annual healthcare administrative spend.1

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Make remote work practical and productive

Digital document review and automated, secured, electronic processes enable work anywhere flexibility. Fewer paper documents mean easier information viewing by authorized personnel. Remote work compatibility also reduces the risk of critical response delays. 
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Lower the risk of costly manual errors

Our solution features automated data extraction and indexing. By eliminating the traditional time-intensive step of keyed data entry, you reduce the chance of human error. Data entry becomes data validation, increasing the speed of document and data intake for faster processing. 
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Boost your NET operating margin

The more your people can do, the less it costs to do it. For you, this means an improved NET operating margin. Through end-to-end automation and integration, you’ll achieve:

  • Faster claims resolution
  • Actionable analytics and revenue insights
  • Patient web access for faster payments
  • Higher auditing compliance
  • Improved response times for less processing
  • Prioritization of patient correspondence to improve workload to resource ratio
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Improve cash flow with insurance correspondence handling

Timely approvals, accurate data entry, and insights-driven by data analysis translate into better cash flow. Our solution decreases time-to-payment by:

  • Capturing information from all correspondence from your multiple document sources
  • Matching the information to the patients’ electronic health record (EHR) via Machine Learning
  • Using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to increase the speed of workflows (approvals, denials, appeals, collections, etc…)
  • Collecting data that you can turn into actionable insight

Ensure HIPAA and auditing compliance

Less paper means more control over patient information. We help you meet HIPAA requirements and auditing compliance in two ways.

1. Secured, centralized document archival. Data and documents can only be viewed, moved, or edited by personnel with appropriate access rights. Documents only “move” in digital workflows. In short, patient information only moves where it’s needed and is only seen by those who need to see it.

2. Access logs. You have a record of every person who touches a document. With our end-to-end Patient Information Management solution, auditing compliance has never been easier.

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1https://www.caqh.org/sites/default/files/explorations/index/report/2019-caqh-index.pdf?token=SP6YxT4u Published, January,2020
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