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Patient Information Management

Transform communication to reduce resolution time and improve operating margins.

The way you work has changed. Manual processes, paper-based data, and multiple data siloes put immense pressure on profitability and data security for healthcare organizations. Patient Information Management eliminates paper workflows and faxing in a secured and automated way to speed claims processing, protect your bottom-line, and improve the overall patient experience.

Automated processes lead to happier employees and patients

Streamlining the patient journey is a key driver to modernizing healthcare. Despite technological advancements, manual processes and other inefficiencies still adversely influence the care continuum — driving up costs, increasing time and resource needs, and negatively affecting patient and staff experience.

"That ability to see a document coming in, to scan it automatically, to build the index, to get it in Epic, and to route it for appropriate follow-up was the end-to-end solution that Ricoh helped us design. We’re able to use this solution to effectively get the documents into Epic using our enterprise document repository and that means that we don’t need to have any additional software."

Patient Financial Services Executive

Major Medical Center

Lower the risk of costly manual errors

Free your staff to focus on higher value, strategic work by taking the manual data entry out of the medical billing and insurance correspondence process.

With machine learning accuracy, automated data extraction and indexing match the patient information in correspondence with the EHR and ECM. Staff can focus on exceptions instead of repetitive tasks and data entry, addressing one of the main causes of burnout.

Unlock the power of information to boost operational efficiency

The more your people can do, the less it costs to do it. For you, this means an improved net operating margin. Through digitization and automation, Patient Information Management from Ricoh connects, secures, and unlocks the power of patient information from end to end for:

  • Faster claims resolution

  • Higher collection rates and cash yield

  • Actionable analytics and revenue insights

  • Enhanced auditing compliance for patient financial services

  • Improved response times throughout care continuum

  • Prioritization of patient correspondence to improve workload to resource ratio

  • Upgraded patient communication and web access for faster payments

Most importantly, automating document and data intake enables staff to spend more time on bedside care and less on administration.

Ensure HIPAA and auditing compliance

Paperwork can be a security risk. Patient health information can be compromised when paper is scanned, copied, printed, emailed, or faxed. Patient Information Management from Ricoh gives you the tools to meet HIPAA requirements and auditing compliance with:

1. Secured, centralized document archival. Data and documents can only be viewed, moved, or edited by personnel with appropriate access rights.

2. Access logs. Access to documents can be tracked throughout the care continuum from a centralized dashboard that simplifies security, transparency, and auditing compliance.

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