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Intelligent information management

Capture and unlock the power of your information

Understanding the flow of healthcare information into, within, and out of a health system enables more effective gap identification and resolution, benefitting both provider and patient interactions. The challenge? Healthcare data arrives in diverse formats, making classification difficult and introducing potential errors and security risks.

However, digitizing and automating processes enables healthcare providers to streamline workflows, accelerate revenue cycle management, fill critical gaps within your EHR modernize fax infrastructure and enhance communications to create a unified, patient-centric experience while also improving provider satisfaction and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

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Automate your revenue cycle

Speed up correspondence handling

Free your staff to focus on higher value, strategic work by taking the manual data entry out of the medical billing and insurance correspondence process.

See how one group cut processing from 2 weeks to 2 days >

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Create seamless patient experiences

Automate order and referrals for faster, accurate prescription fulfillment, improved compliance, and to connect patients to the care and providers they need.

See patient referrals in less than 1 hour, and a 6 month ROI

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Put patient packets to work

Improve the patient experience and increase compliance with healthcare document automation.

See how it produced an ROI in less than 9 months

Streamline your fax workflows

Get the convenience of email with the security and compliance of cloud-based fax from a technology partner that knows how to capture, connect and secure your information.

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Streamline technology

Integrate your technology and systems with expert, advanced support for your internal IT resources, enabling them to focus on mission critical strategic objectives.

Optimize your tech

Empower through scalable network support

Discover how scalable network support provides the technology and expertise your business needs today and creates flexibility as your needs change tomorrow to empower team members everywhere.

Here's what we did for one sleep center

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Accelerate growth with cloud computing

Cloud services and computing free resources, add technologies, bolster information security, reduce costs, and more. The only real question is, which solution is right for you?

See how this medical company bolstered its security by going 100% cloud >

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Simplify device management in a work anywhere world

Desktop and device virtualization empowers productivity and safeguards information, regardless of where employees are working.

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Scale resources and storage

Put our IT professionals to work to support project success

Put our IT professionals to work to support project success

Explore ways to achieve greater information integration
Explore ways to achieve greater information integration

Explore ways to achieve greater information integration

Make information work for you

Your information should add value and insight to support organizational goals and patient care delivery. A big part of information's value depends on how quickly it can be captured, processed, and moved through essential workflows.

Mobilize your information

Automate inbound claims processing

Accelerate the speed of claims processing through advanced data capture and conversion for increased accuracy, revenue realization, and an overall better customer experience.

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Reduce paper with point-of-service scanning

Simplify healthcare information management as you save time and increase the accuracy of data captured from documents, while safeguarding patient information, supporting compliance requirements, and supporting employee productivity.

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Where information becomes ROI

Information moves through your organization digitally, and sometimes on paper. With our integrated print and fax solutions, we can help you capture, connect, and safeguard your information to unlock powerful results.

Extract the full value from your printing and faxing

Centralize to uncover powerful insight

By centralizing your print and output management, data becomes easier to collect, extract, and analyze for greater cost control, fleet optimization, and information security.

Here's what one university hospital did

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Turn your data in cost recovery

Our Print Analytics mines your print data to uncover actionable insights that can be used to create strategic plans to drive organizational efficiencies and lower costs.

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Safeguard data with simplified device management

Gain a new level of transparency into print usage and costs for more informed decision-making, while streamlining and centralizing device management.

Here's what Streamline NX can do

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Print and fax solutions for healthcare

Enhance business agility with cloud faxing
Enhance business agility with cloud faxing

Enhance business agility with cloud faxing

Find integrated printing solutions for your organization
Find integrated printing solutions for your organization

Find integrated printing solutions for your organization

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Futurizing healthcare experiences to drive ROIArticles

Futurizing healthcare experiences to drive ROI

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How Eastern Health streamlined operations to improve patient experience and enable secure remote workers.

IDC recognizes Ricoh for revenue cycle management solution
IDC recognizes Ricoh for revenue cycle management solutionArticles

IDC recognizes Ricoh for revenue cycle management solution

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