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Order & Referral Management

Deliver patient care more efficiently and securely.

Order & Referral Management digitizes the transmission of secured patient health information that impacts referrals, prescription fulfillment, and compliance. By reducing reliance on outdated technology and automating patient referral management, providers can quickly connect patients with the care they need.

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Strengthen interoperability and create organizational resilience

Compress patient referral workflows from days to hours

At least 70% of providers exchange medical information by fax.

- "Health Care Clings to Faxes as U.S. Pushes Electronic Records", Bloomberg Law, Nov. 2021.

Modernize and connect technologies

MedTech Breakthrough Award Recipient for "Clinical Efficiency Innovation"

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Case Study: Ricoh Helps Speed Referral Processing

See how a University Hospital Department’s call centers now receive, prioritize and process referrals and associated clinical documents digitally within an hour, versus hours or days.

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Case Study: University of Louisville

Improve patient care and simplify your information management by following best practices for digital forms management.

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