Case Study: Ricoh USA, Inc.

Software increases information accessibility and improves corporate sustainability.

About Ricoh

Ricoh, founded more than 80 years ago, is a global technology company with expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information. We deliver a broad portfolio of services and technologies that help companies innovate and grow. From redefining a workplace to providing solutions that improve productivity and efficiency, we make information work.

“We wanted this to be a learning experience to help boost our confidence in Ricoh developed software, primarily Streamline NX, and implement this solution throughout Ricoh USA.”

James Shirkey, National Director

Global Enterprise Services Delivery

Ricoh USA, Inc.



Ricoh USA and its IT department engaged in an in-depth discovery process, building the requirements for an implementation, providing a proof of concept, fielding questions and determining IT’s specific needs.

The full sales process was used from discovery to design to implementation. Topics included document security and bandwidth, authenticating employees at the device using their ID badges, ways to reduce IT assets, implementing redundancy and failover capabilities, supporting Streamline NX and keeping it up-to-date post installation. The team also crunched numbers to set expectations for environmental savings for everything from rules-based printing to reducing power consumption.

This is the same exercise Ricoh USA uses with customers: fully understanding their environment and walking through the process hand-in-hand.

After the testing phase was deployed for a few weeks, the IT department was fully onboard with rolling out the solution enterprise-wide.

The Streamline NX all-in-one integrated software application takes the place of about six separate applications — combining workflow solutions for printing, scanning, faxing, device management, accounting and authentication into one convenient platform.


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