Centralize management of your print device output - output management

Print and Output Management

Centralize management of your print device output for greater security, cost control, and employee productivity. 

Print output management solutions help to create accountability and control print output - and print costs. And by securing your print devices, you protect your information and data. 

You’ll also uncover valuable insight and data from print and workflow use that you can apply to better manage your fleet assets and empower productivity for your office, remote, and mobile workers.

Right-size your printer fleet for cost savings

Centralized print management consolidates printing data which you can use to find opportunities for right-sizing printers and optimizing printer and supply costs.

Make print budgets predictable

Tracking print output reveals print volume trends that you can use to assign a real number to your printing, making print budgets predictable and more manageable.

Protect your information with secured devices

Secured workflows and release of printed documents prevents the risk of accidental loss of confidential information.

Secured print makes streamlined print fleets possible

Employees won’t need personal printers when they can trust the information and data will only print upon their authenticated release at the device.

Use data for better asset allocation

By tracking and monitoring print output, you get detailed usage reporting and print analytics you can use for planning and adapting to shifting print needs when needed.

Meet sustainability initiatives

Secured release eliminates printing of those incomplete or accidental print jobs, saving paper. Right-sized printer fleets use less electricity and have a smaller carbon footprint. Less printing translates into fewer supply needs and less waste.

Solutions to monitor device usage

Advanced device management solutions give you detailed print data including individual and departmental usage. You also can see which functions get used and when. Access controls help meet compliance requirements.

Some customers ask us to manage these solutions as part of their MPS engagement. Others engage our MPS teams but choose to implement and manage the solutions themselves. And if it makes sense to move from one model to another, no problem.

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Reduce your reliance on paper

A balanced printer fleet that includes multifunction printers (MFPs) creates on-ramps for digital workflow automation. MFPs become communication hubs with possible smart integrations into document management systems, CRMs, and cloud applications, becoming the first step in a digital workflow.

Infographic: See how printers and workflow automation reduce costs

Case Study: Philadelphia Eagles

See how we helped one NFL team optimize their device reliability and services so that they are always prepared for game day.

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Printer Management & Security

Get the right technology to track devices and report on status, usage and configuration within your organization.

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Managed Document Services

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