RICOH Cloud Fax

Streamline your fax workflows — in the cloud

Business faxing without the cost and complexity

Cloud fax enables faxing for organizations that need it yet eliminates many of the common challenges and costs associated with fax. Sending faxes can be done digitally, directly from a desktop, while faxes can be routed directly to a device, allowing for sending and receiving anywhere. Cloud faxing also eliminates the need for traditional fax hardware and devices, creating savings and simplifying management while increasing usage visibility, reporting, and compliance.


  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for on-premises services, dedicated phone lines, and fax devices.
  • Support remote and hybrid work environments with fax routing.
  • Increased insight and compliance with fax logging, audit trails, security rules, and reporting.

Modernize with a cloud fax infrastructure

Cloud faxing doesn’t require dedicated phone lines, on-premises servers, POTS lines, and other traditional fax hardware and devices. You can keep your current fax numbers while eliminating costly infrastructure.

Empower hybrid and remote work environments

A cloud fax infrastructure makes it possible to send and receive faxes via desktop and mobile device. Flexible routing rules and remote access to received faxes make it possible for employees to stay productive and keep business moving no matter where they are working.

Improve fax delivery time and end lost faxes

Copper phone lines can result in “fax traffic jams” leading to delivery delays and lost faxes. Digital faxing across fiber optic lines keeps faxes moving, getting information delivered promptly. With the expansion of digital infrastructures, it has never been a better time to modernize fax infrastructure.

Ensure compliance and meet data security requirements

Fax logging, audit trails, retention policies, security rules and reporting from a centralized system provide valuable insight into usage and make it easier to manage information lifecycle and meet privacy and compliance regulations.

Discover the Ricoh difference

From scalable technology to expert design and implementation teams, our teams partner with you to help cloud faxing create transformative impact for your organization from how you communicate to reducing costs while maintaining or improving business communication.