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Case Study: Medical Research and Development Company

Medical research company goes 100% cloud, bolsters its security and cuts costs

About our customer

In this IT services case study, a leading medical research and development company designs and patents innovative injection technology that specializes in dental, medical, and cosmetic applications. Their breakthrough technology offers computer-controlled systems that make injections precise, efficient, and nearly painless. The technology monitors and regulates the flow rate and pressure from the needle, including drug delivery and local anesthetics.

As a long-time customer, the company turned to Ricoh to modernize its infrastructure by moving from on-premises to 100% cloud environment, optimizing processes, and strengthening cybersecurity using the latest technology.

“Ricoh helped us create a cloud-based environment with enhanced cybersecurity, collaboration tools, and IT services and support. We’re now able to scale and grow our company as we continue to expand our offering.”

— Controller, Medical Research & Development Company


  • Support remote workers with a secure, collaborative environment

  • Increase workstation, mobile, and data security

  • On-premises to cloud environment to optimize costs and use cloud-based applications

  • Needed a managed services team to support IT, tickets, cybersecurity, and more

The medical research and development company wanted to transform its business from an on-premises, server-based environment to the cloud to better support remote workers and offer a more collaborative workplace. Updating their security to protect precious medical data as well as mobile security was critical. Additionally, they needed a team to manage their IT, applications, security, mobile, and service tickets. As an innovative technology provider, business transformation was important to their growth, scalability, and resource availability.


  • Moved from on-premises to 100% cloud environment

  • Implemented cloud-based Microsoft 365 applications, cybersecurity, advanced backup, mobile device management and support, and workstation patch and protect

  • Managed IT Services

After a thorough assessment, the Ricoh team recommended decommissioning all on-premises servers and moving fully to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. They deployed Microsoft 365 Business Premium Cloud Services, which included configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory, email data mapping and migration, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, multi-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, and Microsoft Intune for both Windows and mobile devices (an endpoint management solution).

Ricoh IT Services managed the project with express deployment as well as workstation patch and protect management. IT Services headed up their help desk and ticketing system, which resulted in fewer tickets over time. IT Services also created SLAs for ticket severity levels, target responses, and target resolution times.


  • 96% network health score

  • 56% reduction in known cybersecurity threats

  • 5% reduction in monthly costs

  • High customer satisfaction rates from users regarding response and resolution times

  • Better collaboration led to efficiency and productivity

The team was able to easily detect cybersecurity threats through a dashboard. Over a 60-day period, the reporting showed that eight known threats were detected, which was a 56% reduction and there were 28 policy violations, which decreased by 10%. The company could see that the affected endpoints were from viruses, malware, or web reputation. Additionally, the network health score was 96% of full strength.

In a user survey, here’s what some of the responses were regarding Ricoh IT Services:

“He took care of my problem quickly and efficiently.”

“Besides being very efficient, he was pleasant to speak with. On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest, he rates a 10.”

“Finally got someone who knew how to fix my problem. Great guy.”

Subsequently, the company’s remote team members had an easier time collaborating through Microsoft Teams, leading to higher efficiency and productivity while maintaining data integrity and security.

With the power and flexibility of moving from on-premises to cloud environment and IT Services, the medical company is more scalable and minimized its IT requirements and physical data storage, thereby reducing costs. Similarly, the ability to keep users connected no matter where they work anytime, anywhere access and improved cybersecurity for users decreased the potential for hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other cybersecurity problems. The company was able to immediately reduce its monthly expenses by 5%.

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