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77% of respondents said hospitals are drowning in paperwork, which cuts into the time healthcare workers are able to spend with patients.* 


Implement scanning solutions wherever you need them to digitize patient records and business documents. Our Scanning Solutions for Healthcare include a process analysis, workflow consulting, software, multifunction printers (MFPs) if needed, managed services if preferred, implementation and support. 

Stop chasing paper 

Save time and increase accuracy with point-of-service scanning. 

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When you're in the midst of serving patients, it can be a challenge to keep patient charts organized and accurate. In admissions, for example, you have to keep track of loose patient documents like medical powers of attorney, advance directives and clinical notes faxed from other providers.

With eRecord Connect, a point of service (POS) scanning solution, we'll implement capture software like AutoStore so you can keep patient records up to date from any point of service:

  • Scan loose sheets and route them immediately to an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic content management (ECM) system.
  • Assign patient identity at the scanner if documents aren't bar coded, saving time and ensuring that even documents lacking identification can be properly filed with the ECM.
  • Avoid losing or misplacing paper documents.
  • Lower the risk of compromising protected health information (PHI).

Maintain medical records efficiently 

 Simplify your health information management (HIM) tasks. 

Picture your medical records room and all those paper charts. Or that offsite storage facility and the effort of retrieving records. In either case, your staff spends an enormous amount of time pulling and refiling charts to add physician notes, release PHI, correct chart deficiencies and so on.

Our HIM Scanning Solution offers two ways to help you avoid manual data entry errors, save floor space, minimize printing costs and put patient information at your fingertips:

  • We can train your staff to scan small numbers of incoming documents and use digital workflows to enter them into EHRs.
  • Under a managed services arrangement, our people work onsite or in our imaging centers to scan large quantities of legacy files and / or to provide ongoing scanning.
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Handle administrative, non-patient records efficiently 

 Eliminate paper and reduce errors in HR, AR, AP, CQI and other departments. 

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Workers in every department can be more efficient with customized digital workflows, which include scanning, routing and reminding reviewers to complete their tasks. Authorized workers can search for, view, annotate, update and review records from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With e-documents, you can better safeguard information while you:

  • Simplify recruiting and employee onboarding with instant access to resumes, references, required medical documentation and more.
  • Support continuous quality improvement (CQI) personnel, who scan documents relevant to a process, send scanned files to the right queue for analysis and share information with other departments for process improvements.
  • Manage finances more effectively by giving AR and AP staffs easy access to digital statements, invoices, contracts and so on.

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