In a national survey of doctors 75% of providers report that their EHR allows them to deliver better patient care.* 


Think about all the data formats you generate in clinical, financial, human resources, shipping/receiving and other departments. Managing unstructured data like lab results, patient admissions information and monthly revenue reports isn't easy when it's all on paper.

Our ECM experts analyze your data flows, then apply LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies to identify opportunities to standardize your business processes, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce risk. As a result, you can:

  • Use a consistent approach to capture and codify unstructured data and send it to the central repository.
  • Integrate and share data quickly and accurately among departments and applications.
  • Automate document routing, which minimizes human intervention and can reduce errors.

Paperwork volume is doubling every 3.3 years in the average business.**


Transform medical records

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