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Enterprise Content Management for Healthcare

Integrate applications and automate workflows.

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In a national survey of doctors 75% of providers report that their EHR allows them to deliver better patient care.* 


Replace your cumbersome, costly paper workflows with a modern digitized system that helps you enhance patient care, support compliance and lower costs. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for Healthcare provides upfront analysis, consulting, software, MFPs (if needed), implementation, training and support. 


Simplify your transition to digital health information management. 

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When you depend on manual processes, managing health information is daunting, time consuming and prone to errors. But with Enterprise Content Management, you'll receive a digital system that can streamline information handling throughout your organization.

Our healthcare experts conduct an upfront analysis before designing a solution. You'll be able to support efficient care delivery, compliance, billing and communications by:

  • Easily managing information from creation through deletion in one integrated system.
  • Maintaining a convenient central repository that feeds your electronic health records (EHR).
  • Automating workflows and work queues based on your business rules.

Overcome information-handling challenges


Reduce cost and complexity while building in efficiency. 


Think about all the data formats you generate in clinical, financial, human resources, shipping/receiving and other departments. Managing unstructured data like lab results, patient admissions information and monthly revenue reports isn't easy when it's all on paper.

Our ECM experts analyze your data flows, then apply LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies to identify opportunities to standardize your business processes, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce risk. As a result, you can:

  • Use a consistent approach to capture and codify unstructured data and send it to the central repository.
  • Integrate and share data quickly and accurately among departments and applications.
  • Automate document routing, which minimizes human intervention and can reduce errors.

Paperwork volume is doubling every 3.3 years in the average business.**

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Produce reports for compliance and other purposes


Avoid paper cuts ― tap keys instead of turning pages.

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Reports of any kind take a long time to prepare when you have to sift through paper records. And when you have to track down charts first in order to prepare compliance reports — well, you might be working very late. With our Enterprise Content Management solution, reports take a fraction of the time. You can tap a few keys and pull up the relevant documents in seconds from the central information repository.

The built-in audit trails can help you show compliance with HIPAA, JCAHO, Meaningful Use and other security and privacy regulations. And because patient information can be scanned and entered into the system immediately, you can worry less about chart flaws that might affect accuracy.


Transform medical records


Manage and share protected health information fast and accurately.


You can't help but feel a little out of control in paper-intensive environments, especially when as many as 150 users seek access to a standard medical record.*** Every human touch slows down information flow and creates an opportunity for error. And paper charts may not be up to date due to delays in adding paper documents.

Instead, use our HIM Workflow Manager. This Enterprise Content Management workflow, which is specifically for medical records departments, helps you automate processes such as:

  • Electronic data capture
  • Chart deficiency management (unsigned orders management/electronic physician signatures)
  • Inclusion of advance directives and other legal documents
  • Release of information
  • Exporting of records for medical coding

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** Facts about Paper, The Paperless Project, February 2013
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