XM Fax | Cloud faxing solution

Secure, convenient digital fax from mobile, desktop or MFP

Empower business agility with cloud faxing

Faxing remains essential to many organizations, but fax machines create inefficiency — especially with a remote workforce. The XM cloud fax solution eliminates the need for fax hardware and infrastructure along with their associated costs, creating an impressive ROI often with hard costs alone. Users can send and receive faxes from anywhere using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, so your workforce can stay productive wherever they are working. Plus, being a cloud solution, it features redundancies to meet disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, eliminating the additional costs associated with data backup solutions.


  • Enable your remote workers with an efficient and secured method of fax communication.
  • Help meet the security and compliance needs of your business.
  • Gain the security and everywhere access of business cloud faxing.
  • Eliminate costly faxing infrastructure and supplies.
  • Increase the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of your fax communications.

Enable remote work and hybrid offices with secured faxing

Cloud faxing eliminates the limitations of paper fax. Your remote workforce, hybrid office staff, field employees and customers stay connected and communicating, effectively and securely.

Comply with critical regulations

Further address data privacy and other regulatory standards and requirements like HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) with secured transmission and auditable chain-of-custody data communications to reduce your risk for violations that can incur heavy fines and damage company reputation.

Take advantage of cloud security

Data security is always a high priority. Digital fax transmissions are encrypted, including those sent through the XM Fax MFP Connector. Documents are received direct to recipients′ secured devices, rather than to shared trays. Cloud hosting in the US, Canada and the EU meets data sovereignty requirements.

Reduce the many costs of faxing

Cloud faxing eliminates the need for expensive analog fax lines, infrastructure and supplies. Cloud access and digital transmission also reduces downtime tied to physical documents. Plus, cloud faxing can leverage your current business infrastructure with employees sending and receiving via MFP, mobile device, desktop PC, a cloud portal, email, EMRs and other system integrations.