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Higher Education

Improve the higher-education experience for everyone involved. Discover proven tools and technology to help you streamline workflows, digitize and organize student records, and attract prospective students.
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Print and mail your high-volume communications

Use direct mail to reach prospective students when timing is crucial.




  • Student Records

    Digitize student information and centrally manage it through all stages of the college experience.              

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  • Campus Print

    Modernize and automate your campus printing with mobile support, web to print and a marketing portal.

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  • Education Analytics

    Save time when you simplify and automate your test creation, grading and analysis.      

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  • Admissions Process Automation

    Attract and impress prospective students when you replace your paper-based processes with our streamlined, digital process. 

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  • Campus Mail and Packages

    Update your mail center with retail POS systems, intelligent lockers, package kiosks, real-time notifications and more.       

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  • Cloud Connected Education

    Allow students and staff to access, share and store information in the cloud.                                                                                         

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  • Classroom Technology

    Deliver a high-tech classroom experience with interactive technology, innovative space utilization and a paperless approach.

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  • Business Workflow Solution for AP/AR

    Modernize your AP/AR processes and reduce transaction complexity by using an overall paperless process.

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