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Discover proven technologies to help you enhance the student experience, optimize administrative processes and attract students with new innovations.
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Mailroom wait times cut down to just minutes

Learn how Ricoh helped Clemson University offset costs by bringing in more campus revenue with improved print and mail services.
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Services & solutions


Services & solutions

  • Campus Print

    Modernize and automate your campus printing with mobile support, web to print and a marketing portal.                                                                                    

  • Campus Mail Services

    Optimize your campus mail and student mail services with high-tech package and delivery solutions that make campus life more convenient for faculty, staff and students.

  • Digital Campus Solutions​​

    Transition to an innovative digital campus with collaborative tools — such as interactive whiteboards — that engage digital natives.​                                           

  • Campus Technologies

    Help to streamline campus workflows, enhance collaboration and future-proof digital natives with innovative digital technology.

  • Student Records

    Digitize student information and centrally manage it through all stages of the college experience.                              

  • Enrollment Management Solutions

    Attract digital natives with streamlined college admissions workflows that help you provide faster services and response times — making the student enrollment process more convenient.

  • University Workflow Solutions

    Increase productivity and improve student outcomes by using digitization, process automation, and smart data that leads to staff insights and innovation.

  • Analytics

    Leverage our business intelligence tool to identify data suitable for higher education analytics. Align analytics with your business objectives and KPIs.

  • File Analysis​

    Reduce your exposure to litigation risk and compliance issues. Assess your data, reduce redundancies and improve accountability. 

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