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Campus Print Services

Take a more strategic approach to campus printing.

94% of students surveyed say they prefer using their cell phones in class for academic purposes.¹

It’s common to have various IT departments in different schools throughout a university managing separate print environments. But this disconnected print infrastructure results in a high number of inefficiencies. With Ricoh’s Campus Print Services, we can help to automate print processes, streamline production print capabilities, enhance data security and more. We can also help your university IT departments free up resources for more strategic university initiatives.

Enhance your entire campus print ecosystem

Centralize your campus print environment for more efficient, cost-effective results.

We can work with you to design a centralized print strategy tailored to meet your university's needs for departmental, student, guest and production printing.

Ricoh's centralized printing solutions give you more control over campus print and enable you to track user data so you can make more informed decisions when it comes to reducing print costs. With print automation and the latest software applications, we can make the campus print experience more convenient for students and streamline print workflows so faculty and staff can stay productive.

To help provide peace of mind and make it easier to meet compliance regulations, our team will make recommendations for protecting student and other sensitive data. We can provide a variety of print security options, including:

  • Secure Print Release that lets users choose how output will be delivered

  • Device data encryption that helps protect information shared over your devices

  • Card-based authentication products that help to safeguard documents

Whether we help your staff transform your print ecosystem — or bring experts onsite to help manage your print infrastructure — we can help you graduate to a highly effective campus print environment. Plus, to help maximize device uptime and streamline print tasks campus-wide, our Technology Services team can provide the proactive support you need.

Empower students with mobile printing

Make BYOD technology convenient for students, faculty and staff.

Students born into the digital world expect universities to offer modern technology that makes printing and related tasks more convenient. With our cloud print solutions, you can enable digital natives to print directly from their tablets, laptops or smart devices — anytime, anywhere. They can also scan to the cloud with ease from multifunction printers (MFP) and other devices.

Our team can help you put the right mobile print solution in place, allowing your entire academic community — including faculty, staff and students — to effortlessly create, use and share information. With Multifunction Printers for Education designed for a variety of learning environments, you can enable students and faculty to collaborate digitally by managing folders and documents in the cloud via bring your own devices (BYOD), and scanning directly to learning management systems from the MFPs. Plus, user authentication that requires document release codes and other security protocols can help reduce worry when it comes to campus-wide remote printing.

Create a high-performance print center

Automate and streamline high-volume printing and fulfillment.

Keep students and other university print center customers coming back with high-quality production print services and solutions that offer exceptional efficiency and help you save money.

Costs rise significantly when you outsource production print projects, such as recruitment packets, HR manuals and custom-printed golf shirts. If your current print center has difficulty handling large orders, or manual processes delay completion deadlines, our production print team can design a highly-efficient, high-quality and cost-effective print center that lets you:

  • Automate job submissions, ticketing and more

  • Reduce errors and guesswork with templates and version control

  • Easily manage your assets and personalize materials via a convenient web-based portal

Whether you need high-speed production printers to deliver paper products quickly or direct-to-garment printers to expand your production print offerings to include customized apparel prints and more, we can get you set up to produce everything in-house. To free IT and other staff to focus on more important university initiatives, we can also administer your print management system, strategically manage your university print environment and help to bring your mail operations into the future.

Free up IT resources campus-wide

Reduce the burden of print management to help drive strategic campus initiatives.

After assessing your current print environment, our consulting team can work with you to remove IT's print management burden — freeing up capital expenses currently allocated for print servers as well as IT resources currently used for print-related maintenance and support. Whether you need us to manage a data center or completely eliminate print servers by moving print to the cloud, we can provide a tailored solution that's easy to scale up to meet future growth. In addition, we can further optimize business processes and enhance communications with our Managed Services — helping to improve efficiencies and increase productivity campus-wide.

With experience in enterprise cloud, infrastructure services and IT systems, our consultants can help to:

  • Integrate your new print environment with campus-wide IT networks

  • Accommodate thousands of mobile devices without straining your IT departments

  • Keep your print ecosystem up to date with the latest software and security patches

Our team will also help to ease the transition for faculty, students and staff with digital transformation services, including workshops and other onboarding assistance.

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  1. 1Kelly, Rhea. "Survey: 94% of Students Want to Use Their Cell Phones in Class." Campus Technology. 12 Dec. 2017.