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Campus Mail Services

Modernize and optimize campus mail for faculty, staff and students

81% of Americans have higher opinions of colleges or universities that use the latest technology.¹

Every campus needs effective strategies for delivering mail and packages to faculty, staff and students. However, campus mail and student mail often operate on separate systems, leading to inefficient processes. To reach optimal performance, all university distribution workflows should operate on the same system while also running separate processes — keeping everyone who receives mail satisfied with on-time, convenient delivery. With Ricoh's Campus Mail Services, you not only get efficient barcoding and sorting solutions, you get the people, technology and processes you need to streamline every aspect of campus and student mail.

Impress students with a high-tech mail center

Help increase student retention with reduced wait times and convenient campus mail.

Today's students expect campuses to use modern technology that keeps things moving quickly and efficiently. It's convenience and instant gratification they're after, and when mailroom employees spend valuable student time issuing mailbox keys, assigning lock combinations or searching for packages while students wait at the counter, the experience becomes burdensome, and the university appears inefficient and outdated.

Our student mail services can significantly reduce wait times and make the process less disruptive to your students' busy college lives. We can set up your system to alert students when you receive their mail — so they don't have to wait at the counter while mailroom employees search to see if any mail has arrived. Once alerted, students can stop by the mail center at their convenience, notifying mailroom employees to retrieve their packages with a quick swipe of their student IDs — experiencing fewer lines and minimal hassle.

With our campus mail solutions, you can also provide faculty and staff with direct access to digital mailboxes on their smart devices, and help to increase mail center employee productivity by automating mailroom tasks — giving staff more time to focus on assisting students.

Get the ideal campus mail solution

Upgrade to a full-service student mail center tailored to fit your needs.

Our education consultants can work with your institution to design Campus Mail Services that fit your university's unique needs. From introducing mail concierges that help to make drop-off and pick-up hassle free for students to setting up mail-tracking and security features — such as electronic signature requirements for delivery and pickup — we have a variety of services and out-of-the-box solutions that we can package based on your specific requirements. Our campus mail solutions include:

  • Rate shopping capabilities via your POS system that let you choose carriers by easily comparing prices and delivery times

  • Mail and package kiosks that enable students to quickly walk in to pick up packages, purchase stamps and more

  • High-density mailboxes for more storage capacity and a reduced footprint

  • Third-party vendor management to help you monitor vendor relationships

  • Intelligent Lockers to help protect students' delivered packages

Impress digital natives with one-stop shopping and self-service

Operate your student mail center with increased efficiency and security.

See how Ricoh helped Clemson University revamp their mail center and reduce student package pickup wait times from 40 minutes to an average of just over one minute.

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Get package delivery that's easy to track

Help keep student packages safe with secured electronic lockers.

Now you can provide your students with safe lockers for valuables they receive via online shopping. Ricoh's Intelligent Lockers are scalable, electronic locker systems that make it easy to add more space as your student body grows. Plus, they can be assigned and reassigned with ease.

In addition, you can reduce the chances of lost or misplaced mail with our high-tech tracking system that:

  • Registers packages into a cloud management system upon arrival.

  • Assigns both a locker and a release code for scanned items.

  • Notifies recipients that packages have arrived via email.

  • Records and stores the information in your package management system.

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