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Get convenient drop-off and pick-up student mail services

Juggling classes, workloads, extracurricular activities and a social life at the university keeps students extremely busy — and when it comes to receiving mail, today’s tech-savvy students expect a higher level of convenience, mobility and security. Ricoh's Intelligent Locker Services streamline the process and provide students at residence halls with a localized solution, so they can save time by receiving packages at their residences.

"Modern mail processes can automatically route packages to in-residence drop sites where recipients live, so students don’t have to venture out to the post office or depend on their schedule matching a mail clerk’s. Intelligent lockers can be accessed 24/7 with a secure code — without students ever leaving the safety and comfort of the residence hall."

Renaud Rodrigue Partner Executive, Higher Education Ricoh USA, Inc.

When student packages arrive, they’re scanned, registered into a cloud management system and assigned a locker and release code — helping to protect proprietary mail and packages. Students are then notified by email that a package has arrived so they can pick up their mail on-site at their earliest convenience. Plus, every transaction is recorded and stored in an easily trackable package management system to help reduce instances of lost or misplaced mail.

With the ability to assign lockers quickly and easily, you can manage student mail more efficiently and provide this service to students when they need it most.

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