Case Study: Millersville University

Selling more than boxes, Ricoh helped Millersville navigate print migration quickly, cost-effectively.

About Millersville University

Millersville University is a top-ranked public university in central Pennsylvania with more than 8,700 students and nearly 900 faculty and staff. They require an extensive fleet of output devices throughout their scenic campus and they procure devices through the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

"We were wasting tens of thousands of dollars every year because we stuck with inefficient strategies and equipment long after they should have been discarded."

Ken Dearstyne

Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration

Millersville University



Our team wanted to do more than sell output devices. We recommended a comprehensive analysis to understand the university's printing infrastructure and optimize efficiency throughout campus. But they were skeptical—having unsuccessfully gone through a similar exercise years earlier with a different provider.

Knowledge was key to transforming the university's printing infrastructure. To overcome the university's resistance to comprehensive analysis, we:

  • Conducted a smaller-scale needs analysis of individual departments

  • Installed several MFPs to establish a foundation for more significant initiatives and campus-wide analysis

  • Mapped 30 printers and surveyed all the buildings to identify each device

  • Recommended a centralized strategy and device consolidation

In the end, we determined the university could eliminate unnecessary devices by installing our networked MFPs that combine printing, copying, scanning and faxing for faster, more efficient performance—at a fraction of the per-page cost.


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