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Innovate a High-Tech Campus

Today's students expect technology to enhance collaboration and align with their digital experience of the world. By introducing innovative campus and classroom technologies, universities can help attract and retain digital natives, save faculty members significant time, and reduce operational costs.

Technically savvy students demand that campus technologies run efficiently, provide convenience and save time. Our managed campus mail services can help you impress digital natives with reduced lines and wait times. Additional options — including interactive kiosks, a barcoded package management system and automated notifications — let us tailor our campus mail services to meet your specific needs and make your campus mail center even more appealing to students.

We can also help you make learning more personal and interactive while increasing faculty productivity. We can integrate learning platforms and learning management systems with digital workflows, and enable instructors to scan materials via multifunction printers (MFPs) directly into Canvas®, Google Drive™ and other cloud applications — providing students with easy access to materials from smartphones, tablets and other devices. You can also add tracking software to capture data about MFP usage — providing more visibility for improved cost accounting.

With our Workplace Productivity Services, you can help make collaboration spaces, such as classrooms and libraries, more productive. Introduce visual communications technologies that support multiple languages and appeal to digital natives, add self-service lockers that students can access with ID badges to help protect their valuables, and much more.

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Services and solutions

Campus Mail and Packages

Surpass the expectations of digital natives with efficient campus mail services that help reduce wait times.

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Visual Communications Services

Increase student engagement with videoconferencing solutions and interactive flat panel displays that improve collaboration.

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Workplace Productivity Services

Provide technology that helps faculty, staff and students stay productive, and collaborate more easily and effectively.

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Intelligent Lockers

Add convenience and help students protect their belongings with personal storage spaces that provide enhanced security.

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Meeting Room Services

Optimize meeting spaces with A/V equipment and collaboration tools that help enhance faculty, staff and student interactions.

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Clemson University
Clemson UniversityCase Studies

Clemson University

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Drop the lecture

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Connection is critical: Information sharing on college campuses
Connection is critical: Information sharing on college campusesArticles

Connection is critical: Information sharing on college campuses

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