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Enrollment Management Solutions

Engage students with a high-tech student enrollment process.

Only 38% of admissions directors surveyed "met their enrollment goals by the traditional May 1 end of the admission period, and less than half did so by June 1."¹

With budget constraints and a higher education landscape that's getting increasingly competitive, you can't afford to lose prospective students due to a slow or inefficient enrollment process. Born into a digital world, digital natives have been conditioned to expect convenient technologies that enable intuitive processes. With Ricoh's Enrollment Management Solutions, you can streamline behind-the-scene workflows to provide faster services and response times to students, and impress digital natives with solutions that simplify the entire enrollment process — helping to improve the student experience from the beginning of the educational journey.

Attract digital natives with personalized marketing

Increase student enrollment with marketing campaigns that won't break your budget.

Institutions often outsource marketing to attract students, but using agencies can result in a number of problems, including:

  • Expensive campaigns that pull dollars away from other educational initiatives.

  • Homogenized marketing pieces due to the use of agency templates — reducing your ability to stand out among the competition.

  • Messages that aren't aligned with some of your targeted demographics due to the agency's lack of knowledge about your ideal prospective students.

With Ricoh's Marketing Solutions, you can save money and improve how you market to prospective students by combining the right data with personalized marketing — helping you to create powerful campaigns that improve your ability to attract the right students. With personalized marketing, you can include images that show athletes wearing your school logo while performing sports that appeal to specific high school athletes. Other personal touchs in your marketing materials — such as including a birthday card — can go a long way in appealing to digital natives.

With our education services, tools and software, you can easily create and send personalized communications to any prospective student at any time. Plus, our Commercial & Industrial Printing team can create beautiful, personalized direct mail quickly and affordably to help enhance your marketing campaigns with variable data printing technology and a variety of high-quality production printers.

If you want to take student enrollment marketing to the next level, our consultants can help you:

  • Target prospective students with refined messaging.

  • Enhance the student experience with multi-channel and omni-channel strategies.

  • Identify marketing software and hardware that fit your university's needs.

Improve the student enrollment experience

Keep digital natives engaged at every step of the student enrollment process.

Once you've impressed digital natives with marketing that shows you're technologically capable, it's time to show them firsthand how simple and convenient your student enrollment process really is. Digitizing student information and organizing unstructured data is key to streamlining the enrollment process for a more convenient student experience. Our education consulting team can create a process that works for your specific needs — such as scanning student applications directly into your student information system (SIS). With our digitization and document management services and solutions, we helped Capilano University make their documents easily searchable so their staff can find specific student records quickly.

Once we've captured, digitized and uploaded applicant information to your student data repository, we can then index and organize this information, enabling more efficient enrollment processes, such as:

  • Automated messages that help to guide prospective students through incomplete sections of the admissions package.

  • Easy access to student information to help staff respond to questions about application details right away.

  • Prompt, automated notifications regarding acceptance status.

By letting students know where they are in the enrollment process with automated solutions, you can free your administrative staff by taking student application management and many data entry tasks off their plate — giving them more time to focus on personalized communications with prospective students.

Simplify the college admissions process

Streamline college admissions by speeding up workflows and reducing human error.

We can help you maximize efficiency, improve agility and increase student satisfaction with Business Process Outsourcing Services that align with your most important student enrollment goals. For example, with digitization and data processing solutions you can:

  • Implement new digital processes with minimal disruptions to workflows.

  • Incorporate student data into administrative processes within your SIS or content management system (CMS).

  • Reduce data redundancies and collaborate more effectively with information that's well-organized and easy to share.

Student applications and documents come in from a variety of sources, and it can be challenging and time-consuming to organize and manage these various pieces of information. By centralizing and categorizing student records and other data, your student enrollment staff will be empowered with a number of ways to increase productivity, including:

  • Accessing the repository from anywhere at any time — enabling them to find much-needed data quickly and easily.

  • Instantly distributing documents to reviewers.

  • Creating audit trails that help them track data ownership for improved accountability.

If you're looking to free up your enrollment and other administrative employees even more, our Managed Services team can help you:

  • Oversee all incoming admissions communications — including applications, transcripts, letters of recommendation, immunization requirements and more.

  • Digitize your mailed and faxed documents, and link them to the digital record along with accompanying electronic correspondence.

  • Manage the personalization and distribution of admissions decisions and financial aid award letters.

Our Managed Services consultants can help you significantly improve the admissions process — resolving potential snags before they ever become an issue.

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