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Digital Campus Solutions

Transition to an innovative, digital campus with ease.

22% of higher education respondents believe that their current infrastructure cannot support smart technology procurements over the next year.¹

When university IT departments are tied up with managing local infrastructures, they don’t have much bandwidth to pursue strategic initiatives. Legacy systems also hold IT back by limiting their ability to keep up with future growth.

With Ricoh's Digital Campus Solutions, our education consulting team can help you free up IT resources and remove legacy systems by migrating to the cloud. We can also take a deep dive into your entire university strategy, and design and implement innovative campus technologies that align with your goals. Plus, we provide digital transformation workshops to help students, faculty and staff transition smoothly to the new technology with minimal disruption.

Free up IT resources

Move to the cloud for a more connected, agile campus

With our IT Management and Support Services, we can move network, print and other university infrastructures to the cloud — freeing your IT staff to support innovations that help students, faculty and staff connect and collaborate. We can also help with IT projects that support strategic learning initiatives, improve student data management, simplify delivery of course materials and more.

By looking at your university’s entire ecosystem, we can help plan an overall campus strategy. This may involve designing a university-wide digital campus or simply integrating new technologies and affordable, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions that make it easy to scale up with new growth.

When you let Ricoh remove print servers and manage your print environment, you can free up capital expenses currently tied up in server costs. Plus, with our Managed Print Services, we can help:

  • Save IT staff time by managing help-desk support.

  • Empower students, faculty and staff with mobile printing.

  • Protect documents with authentication and other security protocols.

Enhance university collaboration even more

Bring your university into the 21st century with innovative campus technologies

There are many options available that can further improve campus collaboration across all departments. We can start by designing learning environments that enhance classroom collaboration.

Introducing interactive whiteboards (IWB) — also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) — helps increase student engagement by letting professors create highly-interactive learning environments and enabling students to share ideas directly to the displays via bring-your-own-devices (BYOD). Ricoh IFPDs are similar to smart boards for classrooms, but they offer new benefits, such as:

  • Enabling professors to control the IFPDs with tablets or smart devices — providing increased mobility in the classroom

  • The ability to bring in remote guests speakers via video without the travel costs

  • A Windows® 10 controller that supports preferred apps like Microsoft® Office 365 and lets users work with documents they’ve already created

We offer a variety of collaboration solutions and when combined with Ricoh IFPDs, professors can make a strong impact on digital natives with more interactive lessons. Plus, by introducing these technologies to other collaborative spaces, you can increase productivity at faculty and staff meetings.

Administrative staff also needs to work together efficiently to provide reliable support to students and professors. With our Advanced Document Capture Services, we can digitize paper documents to help administrative staff streamline the way they capture and share information.

Help safeguard & organize confidential information

Enhance data security and streamline compliance procedures

With increased mobility, a more connected campus and collaborative technologies in place throughout your university, data security becomes a higher priority. We can help protect sensitive information in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Providing multiple levels of access rights to data stored in the cloud

  • Helping to safeguard documents in your print centers with Secure Print Release, passcode authentication, device data encryption and more

  • Providing automated security patch updates to help protect your local networks and cloud environments

Ricoh's Cyber Security Services help protect your university against cyber-related risks — such as unforeseen expenses that result from phishing. To help ensure that all of your networks, endpoints, mobile devices and applications are secured, we’ll assess your university’s unique vulnerabilities to design a combination of out-of-the-box solutions that fit your specific cyber security needs.

We can also help you meet compliance-driven requirements by streamlining the way you measure and manage university data across all departments and service centers. With our File Analysis Services, we can organize unstructured content and reduce data redundancies — providing you with a more proactive approach to meeting compliance regulations like FERPA, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

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