Interactive Whiteboards

Encourage collaboration, innovation, and engagement

A high-quality digital whiteboard, also called an interactive flat panel display (IFPD), adds focus and creativity to every meeting. Teams will get more done as they edit on the fly and exchange ideas in real time. A variety of sizes for the home, office, and classroom.

Take collaboration to a new level

See how IFPDs are transforming organizations - Interactive whiteboards for collaboration

See how IFPDs are transforming organizations

Powerful visuals stimulate creativity, new ideas, and provide experiences that engage the different learning and thinking styles of your teams, customers, and audiences for more productive meetings. Interactive whiteboards also enhance meetings with distributed teams, remote workers, and employees on-the-go. See the results organizations that have implemented interactive flat panel displays and interactive whiteboards have experienced.

Find the right screen for your conference room or home office

Our interactive flat panel displays come in a variety of sizes and resolutions for the best possible visual experience. Mount an 86” screen in a large conference room for company meetings. Put your 55” screen on the wall of a small meeting room or on a mobile stand, to use it where needed most. Or use a 32” screen to enhance collaboration and communication from your home office.
side ports of IFPD

Choose the best controller for you

Our IFPDs feature integrated device controller options to ensure the best application performance for your office or classroom. Choose the i5 controller for standard business use, the i7 for advanced video rendering, or the i5 for classroom that comes bundled with interactive education software. All controllers connect seamlessly for a complete unified communications solution. 
hendrick motor sports

Hendricks Motorsports drives excellence

Hendricks Motorsports sought a way to enhance pit crew training and analysis for each of their four teams. The company also wanted to increase engineering efficiency by moving away from Post-It Note collaboration and traditional static white boards. The dynamic, real-time collaboration provided by interactive flat panel displays streamlined their engineering processes and accelerated crew training.
philadelphia eagles

Philadelphia Eagles soar with interactive visuals

Football fans have become familiar with color commentators and sports show hosts drawing on screens to dissect plays. The Philadelphia Eagles turned to Ricoh for their Eagles Post-Game Show display to engage their audience while coaches use displays to review game footage in real time with players.
shorter college

Shorter College empowers students and professors

Over 130 years later, Shorter College remains true to its mission to provide intimate classroom settings to empower students to success. An upgrade to larger, more advanced IFPDs at a lower overall cost brought classes alive with streaming video, internet searches and features that simplified the sharing of materials.

Browns English Language School makes learning interactive

Browns English Language School relied on dry erase whiteboards and PCs to teach. Seeing the learning opportunities created by new technologies, they turned to Ricoh and interactive flat panel displays. Now, students participate more, teachers can engage students with enhanced learning tools, paper use is down, and administrators travel less between locations, creating an instant cost savings.

Home office or individual use

Our D3210BK interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) work well for individual or small group collaboration. Set it on your desk, take it with you to your next meeting, or lay it flat for your team to see as you work on your next big idea. With a 32” screen size and a host of features to power collaboration, you and your team can present, share, and edit in real-time, in the office or in offices across the country.
D6510 BK Interactive Whiteboard

For conference and meeting rooms

With 55” and 65” 4K LCD displays, you and your team will see videos, documents, and videoconferences clearly as you meet, brainstorm, and do presentations in your office or with teams and audiences around the world. Mount on the wall or on a portable stand. No matter how you use it, everyone will see your work in crisp detail.

Large screens for display, presentations, and meetings

You will find your message comes across clearly with 75” and 86” 4K resolution interactive flat panel displays. Ideal for large conference and meeting rooms, office displays in public areas, and large group collaboration, these large touchscreens feature all the tools needed to empower sharing, ideation, and creativity with teams and audiences anywhere.
Interactive Whiteboard showing Microsoft Powepoint

Maximize value and productivity with the right controller

How will you use your whiteboard? Do you need it to share and collaborate with images and graphics? Does it need to handle video? Or do you need it to run interactive classroom applications? Our Window’s controllers offer different processing power and applications to match your specific need. 
Interactive Whiteboard showing custom program

Customize with the applications you use

Our controllers feature an open architecture that allow you to add the tools you and your team use. Install and run your favorite collaboration apps, one of our collaboration software, meeting tools, video conferencing, and more. Used for office meetings or to connect remote teams across the world, our Windows® controller will help your productivity soar.
IFPD showing Windows 10

Get started quickly

All Windows® controllers connect seamlessly into the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot on the side of your IFPD. Familiar Windows® tools make setup and networking straightforward for a smooth implementation. You’ll be able to get started immediately with cloud applications, add new tools as needed, and implement the necessary security protocols as you would with any other Window’s device.
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