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RICOH Analytics

Go beyond reports — get answers

To improve your business, you need an actionable plan in order to turn information into lasting change. Ricoh Analytics services focus on the process of identifying relevant data, aggregating and modeling that data and applying ongoing analysis to identify data driven savings and improvement opportunities.

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Meet goals with Business Intelligence

Tie analytics back to business objectives and strategic roadmaps

Meeting objectives and measuring progress requires identifying, aggregating and modeling the right data elements effectively and concisely — while also performing analysis to uncover insights and recommend fact-based actions. You understand your business goals. Our consultants understand analytics and can help you build and execute upon your strategic roadmap. We partner with you to:

  • Determine the most critical data points to measure
  • Develop engines to acquire, aggregate and model data so it can be mined for answers
  • Create a single point of data aggregation from an array of data sources
  • Enrich and add value to the data in alignment with a client's key performance indicators in mind
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Extract actionable insights from data

Say goodbye to “rear-view mirror” reporting

Ricoh implements a Business Intelligence (BI) tool for customer consumption — allowing both customers and Ricoh consultants to visualize aggregated and modeled data and identify improvement opportunities. Implementations are focused on our customers and are configured to display information related to defined business objectives and strategic roadmaps.

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Gain analytics as a service

Benefit from our expertise and put intelligence around the numbers

Ricoh Analytics expertise provides analysis, consulting commentary and industry trends. We go beyond just reports and dashboards, mining the data for answers to support your business objectives. We share our findings with you and make recommendations to achieve agreed upon business goals. Then, we can focus efforts on implementing data-driven recommendations with a combination of the right people, processes and technology. Ricoh Analytics services can be deployed as a consulting engagement or as an ongoing program — targeting defined improvement areas such as print optimization.

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