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Campus Technologies

Design a campus that attracts and helps future-proof digital natives.

“85% of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.”¹

Students are headed toward a future workforce that will be largely unrecognizable compared to today. The most innovative among them will help to create it, and the rest will have to be highly adaptive and tech-savvy to find success. Fortunately, digital natives have a head start, and they come to the university expecting a high-tech campus that will help them to prepare.

Faculty and staff who join students in using the latest technologies will be better equipped to help guide them along their paths. With Ricoh's Campus Technologies, our education consultants can design a smart campus that enhances collaboration, improves the university with innovative services and optimizes workflows — all while helping to reduce administrative costs.

Immerse students in every learning activity

Enhance classroom collaboration and increase student engagement.

Enabling professors and students to leverage digital technology that supports hands-on collaboration can increase student engagement, empower students to think more critically and improve their ability to work with others. This also keeps students up-to-date with the latest technologies — so they’re better prepared for a successful future.

Our consulting team can design and implement collaborative learning environments in classrooms, libraries, study rooms and open spaces with solutions that include:

  • Unified Communication Systems (UCS) and other audio-visual tools that allow remote guest speakers to join classes without the travel costs

  • Interactive whiteboards (IWB) — also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) — that make it easy for professors and students to share ideas

Ricoh IFPDs offer a variety of options to enhance collaboration. With the ability to control IFPDs via tablets or smart devices, professors can facilitate more dynamic discussions with increased mobility. Students can interact with the displays directly from bring-your-own devices (BYOD) — providing them with additional ways to join in on class discussions. Plus, the Windows® 10 controller supports preferred apps like Microsoft® 365® and lets participants work with documents they’ve already created.

You can also expand collaboration beyond the classroom. Ricoh's Managed Cloud Services enable professors to extend the classroom with remote student access to learning management systems and more — directly from laptops, iPads™, tablets and smartphones.

Modernize your campus

Introduce innovative technologies campus-wide to improve the student experience.

In addition to solutions that enable students to learn the way they prefer on devices they like to use, students also expect technologies that make life outside the classroom more convenient.

When running errands on campus, the last thing students want is to waste time standing in long lines. Our Campus Mail and Packages solutions let you streamline every aspect of your campus mail services and reduce wait times. And with Ricoh's Intelligent Locker Services, students can pick up and drop off packages on the go with secured storage spaces that can be reserved, assigned and reassigned dynamically.

Help students simplify print tasks and keep work moving with Campus Print and cloud technology that let students share documents directly from multifunction printers (MFP), scan to Canvas® or other cloud applications, and print documents stored in the cloud from mobile devices — making class preparation quick and convenient.

Streamline workflows & improve cost accounting

Simplify administrative tasks with digitization and data management solutions.

To help students prepare for the future workforce, you need a solid foundation of support with an agile administration team. We can provide administrative staff with the tools they need to help reduce costs, optimize processes and simplify compliance regulation procedures.

Get high visibility into device usage with Ricoh MFP and printer tracking software that captures data for every authenticated user campus-wide:

  • Automatically import student billing information.

  • Easily charge back user costs.

  • Get reports emailed to you.

This type of visibility isn’t limited to device management. You can also use automation to gather data on collaborative spaces and other collaboration resources — so you can make more informed decisions to help control costs and streamline scheduling processes.

From digitizing documents so you can introduce paperless classrooms to scrubbing data in content repositories so you can reduce redundancies and simplify the process of meeting FERPA and other compliance regulations, we have the technologies you need to help your administrative staff provide better support to your students. Plus, our consulting team can help your IT staff free up resources that can be used to further support administration and help management meet strategic university initiatives.

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  1. 1“The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships: Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Society & Work in 2030.” Institute for the Future for Dell Technologies, 2017.