Photo of students sitting using a laptop.

Campus Technologies

Design a campus that attracts and helps future-proof digital natives.

Students are headed toward a future workforce that will be largely unrecognizable compared to today. The most innovative among them will help to create it, and the rest will have to be highly adaptive and tech-savvy to find success. Fortunately, digital natives have a head start, and they come to the university expecting a high-tech campus that will help them to prepare.

Faculty and staff who join students in using the latest technologies will be better equipped to help guide them along their paths. With Ricoh's Campus Technologies, our education consultants can design a smart campus that enhances collaboration, improves the university with innovative services and optimizes workflows — all while helping to reduce administrative costs.

Immerse students in every learning activity

Modernize your campus

Streamline workflows & improve cost accounting

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Provide convenient student mail services

Offer students streamlined campus mail services and an intuitive package management system.

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Engage students with modern classrooms

Retain and engage digital natives with classroom technology that enhances student collaboration.

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