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Since our start in the United States in 1962, we've been on the forefront of workplace innovation. Today, we're empowering our customers to respond to our changing world with actionable insights and create more meaningful human experiences. Our global team of 78,000 employees serves a vast array of industries, helping our customers unleash the full power of trapped information to unlock the full potential of their employees and their business. We believe having access to the right information translates to better business agility, more human experiences, and the ability to thrive in today’s age of hybrid and borderless work.

Corporate overview

Ricoh USA, Inc. at a glance

  • Ricoh USA is an information management and digital services company.

  • As part of a global leader, we create competitive advantage for over 1.4 million businesses, including 84% of the Fortune 500.

  • At the forefront of innovation, we empower customer-focused organizations to respond to change with actionable insights and create more meaningful human experiences. By unlocking information trapped in organizations, we enable our customers to realize the potential of their people and their vision for the future.

Our leadership

Learn more about the people who lead our company, inspire our industry, and help you capture, transform and manage the power of your information.

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Our innovations

For more than 80 years, we've been at the forefront of workplace innovation, revolutionizing the modern office with our products and solutions.

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Our advantage

We're empowering digital workplaces, connecting people to information fast and conveniently - and improving communication, efficiency and creativity.

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Ricoh Commercial & Industrial Printing

We'll help you thrive by focusing on profitability, efficiency, cost reduction and document integrity. We provide a range of production print equipment, solutions and services coupled with insights to help you offer your customers the latest and the best in print and marketing communications innovation.

We're also defining what's next in the future of print. Today, printing has transcended beyond paper, moving to new mediums, with “display printing" on fabrics, wood, aluminum, building materials, food and more. In addition, applied printing can even form cells, bones and electronic boards that we can't see, but nonetheless have powerful life-changing effects.

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, we are poised to lead the way, and transform the print industry.

  • Get the most out of your printing infrastructure.

  • Gain more control over operating expenses.

  • Be confident that every communication is printed with precision and accuracy.

  • Implement new capabilities and expand service offerings.

  • Find new business opportunities.

  • Keep more print jobs in-house.

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Ricoh IT Services

Our managed IT services aim to empower your teams, help your business grow, and give you peace of mind. Decentralized work forces and data security make device and server management, backups, IT support, and communication a challenge. Our professional IT service teams work with you to provide the technology, applications, tools, and support to keep your business up, running, and secured.

As the way we work, communicate, and share information in our digital workspaces continues to evolve, we remain committed to help our customers:

  • Be more productive with optimized technology infrastructures

  • Improve data security, while keeping it accessible when needed

  • Have access to industry-leading applications and technologies

  • Move from reactive IT practices to strategic IT best practices

  • Manage and lower technology costs where possible

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Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (REI)

Our U.S. manufacturing subsidiary, REI is based in Tustin, California. When it began operations in 1973, it was the first Japanese company to manufacture office equipment and consumables in the United States.

Today, REI produces highly-advanced digital copiers, peripherals, printed circuit boards, thermal media, toner, parts, recycled toner cartridges, and customer-configured products at our facilities in Orange County, CA, and Lawrenceville, GA.

Photo of printed circuit boards.

imagine. change.

This is more than just a tagline. It’s what drives our relationships in the present and what we use as our guide for the future.

Each word challenges us to unlock the creative potential inside all of us in order to dig deeper and dream bigger.

imagine. change. Those words don’t just describe what we do, they’re at the core of who we are.

Our parent company

See the investor-related information for our parent organization, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

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We do things one way: The Ricoh Way

When Kiyoshi Ichimura founded the Ricoh Group in 1936, he had a vision for how we should treat our customers, planet and each other:

Love your neighbor.
Love your country.
Love your work.

He called that The Spirit of Three Loves. We call it the heart of The Ricoh Way, which is what we use to guide our company’s mission, vision and values.

Mission and Vision

At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find Fulfillment Through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future.


What unites our global company is the respect we have for people, our profession, society and the planet. We use our positive spirit, innovation and teamwork to better serve our customers and operate with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.