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Workplace solutions and services

Empower productivity with a dynamic workplace that meets business and employee needs.
Workplace solutions today must bridge physical and digital workspaces to optimize office space management and provide employees the technologies and resources they need to stay productive, connected, and working together. As a company recognized in the Gartner® February 2022 “Magic Quadrant for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services”, we remain committed to bringing our customers technology and support services together with practical office management solutions to keep employees safe, productive, and engaged.

Workplace Solutions


Workplace Solutions

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Device and desktop management

Outsourcing device and desktop management provides expert IT support for all of your devices and users so you can focus on the intricacies of your business. We can take care of things such as tracking inventory, managing vendor warranties, activating new users and their devices, and so much more. 

IT service desk

RICOH IT Service Desk uses a proven approach to create proactive strategies to eliminate problems from occurring. You can get the support you need and gain reporting that delivers insights for continuous improvement. 

Managed IT services

Look at Ricoh as your trusted IT partner providing device management to monitor and support all of your devices, server and network management to keep your network secured and up-to-date, and communication and collaboration services to keep your team seamlessly connected. 
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smart lockers

Intelligent locker solutions

Ricoh can provide custom locker solutions for every business need, from retail lockers for buy-online-pickup-in-store transactions to day lockers for employees using the office for the day, to asset lockers that keep all of your important equipment secured and accounted for. 

Office management solutions

Maintain a visitor-friendly office with automated visitor management, digital or printed signage, and all that goes into a welcoming and safe office environment. 
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