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Video Conferencing and Messaging Services

Simplify collaboration with communication services that support employees wherever they work.
New workplace safety requirements together with more remote workers pose a challenge for consistent communication and collaboration. Enter our Unified Communication Systems (UCS) Advanced cloud service. Now, employees can connect and collaborate with co-workers, clients, and customers via chat and virtual meetings – without the complexity of using multiple platforms or apps. 
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Web and video conferencing with one-click simplicity

Cloud unified communications connect you to anyone you need to speak with, regardless of location. With our WebRTC service, you can host or join an online conference or meeting from any computer, mobile device, or legacy video conferencing equipment with an internet connection. Features include:

  • Host or join audio or video conferences with support for PSTN and VoIP telephony
  • Instant message, share screens, and share files on-demand
  • See team member's availability, location, status and contact info
  • Schedule ad hoc meetings
  • Record your calls, meetings and videoconferences
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Promote safety and productivity with agile meeting rooms

Meeting rooms and huddle spaces need more today than technology and some furniture. You need to ensure proper spacing, track usage, and manage cleaning schedules. With our meeting rooms services, you get:

  • Turnkey collaborative room solutions, including full equipment design and planning, along with installation of visual communications equipment and software.
  • Recommendations for audiovisual technologies, cloud services and collaboration strategies to help you meet your objectives, followed by a defined implementation plan.
  • Global IT support, facilities management services, and business services to help accelerate wide adoption within your organization.

You can find more details about our meeting rooms services here.

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