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Empower teamwork with Collaboration Services and Solutions

Employees accomplish more and innovate faster with streamlined communication solutions

No matter where your employees, vendors, and customers work today, you can collaborate. The challenge is less if, than how. With our Collaboration Solutions and Services, you won’t even think about how – you’ll just do.

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Simplify team collaboration with cloud Unified Communication Systems Advanced

Meet onsite and with remote workers in a seamless collaborative experience with our cloud and messaging services. Or, use our cloud UCS Advanced to bring people together, regardless of device or connection service they use. 
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Enhance your videoconferencing and collaboration sessions

Raise the productivity of your meetings with video-enabled interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) and interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and advanced videoconferencing equipment. Our visual communications experts can help you find and deploy the right one for your office or meeting room.
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Maintain your corporate image with business phones that work anywhere

Whether your employees work in the office, on the road, or at home, cloud VoIP and hosted PBX allow their business lines to follow them. They’ll also never miss a call. Plus, as a hosted solution, you can expect a consistent, high-quality service that meets your business continuity needs as well, while reducing the workload on IT and facilities managers with no infrastructure to maintain.

Rely on a trusted partner to stay connected and productive

You can rely on our expertise for technical design and implementation support or engage us as an extension of your team to run the entire implementation. With our Workplace Services, you have a team of experts and services that can scale and evolve to your need.
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